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relaxing and pampering yourself. Without drugs

Jul 29, 2015 - 6 comments










Whether we work, care for kids, or drive in heavy traffic, we all know stress. It can make us sick, body and mind. So, I decided to write a little journal on de-stressing and relaxation. Or just plain pampering ourselves, we deserve it! As most, I have a stressful life at times in my home so counter pro-action against it can help. Here is a few. If you can add to the list, please do!!                                                                                                                                    

Mood Lifters-
1.Lighting can recreate a relaxing atmosphere. My favorite, candles can add a relaxing ambiance to any room but in the bath they are heaven. Put them on the counter, line the side of the tub with them.I have blue night lights, they work too.
2.A nice fragrance like rose or lavender oil to your bath water. Room fresheners are good, oil lamps made for this or the plug-ins are nice too. (You can pamper in your shower too)
3.Mellow music (I find a lot on U-tube) is a wonderful mood booster. Good headphones work some miracles to music.
4. Clean fresh and great smelling sheets (I spray some of my perfume) lightly, so good.
5. Next time you change sheets skrinkle a favorite body powder on fitted sheets where your feet are. It makes your feet feel like silk in bed.
6.Some deep breathing exercises before bed then slow deliberate steady breathing while falling asleep. While getting there think happy thoughts or travel in your mind, not the Indy 500! But travel back to favorite spots you really enjoyed, I like to see the tall giant pine trees, you are laying on a blanket looking up at the beautiful pines, smelling them, now see the awesome stars that look so close like you could reach out and grab one.
7. Slow massage of your temples and head can be so relaxing! What do you do to relax??

Blessed indeed!

Jun 30, 2015 - 5 comments

First let me get a heart felted thanks to all who supported me through my ordeal with letters of hope, incouragement and kindness. It really does help you get through and I can't say that enough. I am happy to report that I am finally feeling better! Yea!! I can honestly say that was the worse BS I have ever been through. Please please please protect yourself while in hospitals, and I mean bring your own sheet to lay on, don't touch ANYTHING in there without gloves on, well actually I could have got it from bloodwork from the lab, my IV, anything really, even a nurses breath (droplets) so its hard but you can bet your last dollar I will have a mask on 24/7 when I am in again. This had made me OCD, paranoid of hospitals and germs!!
However I am not whining (much) compared to what others have contracted, I made the mistake of looking at MRSA pictures one day, won't be doin' that again. My has become real manageable now and the awful fatigue is minimal so I have a lot to be happy about.
So happy in fact that I am starting back with my art again today! :) My first will be an enchanted forest with cottage and lots of flowers. I will put it up in my pics if I can figure out how again without downloading all 310 pics in my camera! lol  Spidey you would love this pic, just google enchanted forests in images and join in the fun!! There are sooo many to choose from!
Rusty and Abby and doing great and stayin cool. Michael started a new job working with the developmentaly disabled, he teaches them life skills like grocery shopping, budgeting, etc and he LOVES it and it's very rewarding work so who could ask for more? Prayers out to all in need as usual. God thank you for the blessing.

Death with Dignity Act for Ca.

May 21, 2015 - 1 comments

The California Medical Association has lifted their opposition to "Physician Assisted Suicide".  For critically ill patients so have don't have to suffer through the last six months of pain and suffering. The bill I called SB128 and the US Senate are to decide on June 7th. The patients must provide two doctors opinions that they have six months or less to live and choose to exercise their patient's rights to end their lives instead of suffering through what cancer and others diseases can bring in the final stages. I don't know about everyone else but I would want it passed when and if I become terminal and in pain.

A Question for my best friend, Kimmy.

Mar 18, 2015 - 2 comments

A very old (not in age) and dear dear friend came over to see me today. She sat on the edge of my bed and looked pale. She said she just got a liver test back and he doctor told her she has Hep C (she already knew that) and now and I am going to misspell the heck out of this word, Cirroisis of the Liver. She is scared and mortified. I told her immediately that it could take years to make her feel sick. Then she stood up and showed me her belly. She's a little tiny woman but her belly looked like she was at least five months pg and very distended. I asked "Did your doctor say what stage of this your are in?" She replied that she goes back on Wed to find out. So now I start praying for her and others too. She got her Hep C from a homemade tattoo, but Kimmy also drank, not a lot, maybe a half pint a day. But when your liver is already compromised you cannot, must not drink an onuce of alcohol. Oh damn it Kimmy. I pray she is in stage one and just to stop the drink will help her to live a lot longer but I very afraid now. See I love her a lot, she used to be married to my son. I love her like a daughter. damn damn damn. Life is rough sometimes, heck, ALL the time!! I will ask this on the appropriate forum but I'm wondering how much time she has now?? Very SAD today!!!