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My Chiahuaua/Pug Rusty's Allergies in check at last! :)

Mar 06, 2015 - 0 comments

The food is called Natural Life, I got it at Walmart, only $1.19 a can. With flavors like Chicken Liver, Beef, Chicken and others. It is 95% grain-free. He loves it too so I'm happy for him and me. I also got him some aloe-vera shampoo and skin spray for coat and skin, very soothing. I even got hypo or anti allergenic treats so we are armed to the teeth if that's the right metaphor. I will report on how it all works out.
I am kinda worried about one of our long time members on here because I haven't heard nor seen him around lately, for the life of me I can't remember his name (age related memory) but we all know him, he talks ALOT about nutrition and exercise and holistic lifestyle and is a very kind and caring and valuable member of our little group here at MedHelp. Anyhoo, hoping he is well and back soon. He is called Allahanda or something similar.
I went to Walmart yesterday and came out with four SMALL bags, but managed to spend $100 in that place! I almost had a cow when she said $103.57 please,..........say whaaaaaaa???? Oh yeah I got Rusty some flax-seed oil to add to his water too, they say to add slowly to their diet if they are not use to it yet.  I have to get his anals and nails done tomorrow too, but that is only $7.00 for both where I take him, its called Pinky-Poo's and its a salon for dogs vs the vet who charges $40.00 for the same service! So I'm so greatful to have found them!
Well time for bed, sleep well ya'lll!

Rusty's vet visit today. 2-12-15 my birthday.

Feb 12, 2015 - 0 comments

All the ladies looked at Rusty and he's crooked little smile and declared him very very cute. They gushed over him like cra-cra.  There was a beautiful white somoya dog, and a really pretty mini=colie that looked just like a mini Lassie! But they still went on and on with Rusty. I guess he has something special, I sure think so!
It feels good to know he is all up to date on every, he got he's Heartworm test, neg! Heartworm pills for six months.
Excellent flea control, three shots poor baby. He was as good as gold. He had to accidents (or on purposes) in the place, so mama was very proud. He does have to go back in two months to get a tooth worked on, maybe even pulled. :(  I always give him hard rawhide for his teeth, and now "they" are saying rawhide is no good for your dog as it can end up caught in the intestines, that's a $3,000 OP. No hard bones either because they can sp;inter and choke!! Nothing is safe anymore, it's a real problem they are taking away so many of Rusty's little joys in life, ya know? Just like people! The vet had quoted me $93.00 on the phone, so I took out one hundred. Then when they said that will be $$180 Michael, thank God helped me out. So I am def not going to say anything else about a tattoo. They got me a Safeway chocolate cake, yum, and ice cream so I have had a very nice birthday with my family and beloved Rusty. I just heard that it is also Meegy's birthday today!! Who knew??? Love an Aquarian today!  xo

Should this couple get married? Need advice

Jan 22, 2015 - 8 comments

It is my belief that within a couple, or two people you need to have one person that can be the peacemaker. Of course in a perfect world, no one would have a bad temper, but its not always the case. My son, who is 44, diagnosed himself when he called himself "a snap case". He is not violent, never has been, never will be, but he does get mad quickly. I am happy to say that he also "recovers" quickly and then he is nice again. Let me explain please that when I say snap case I don't mean that his like a man who would ever burn his house down or go shoot up the post office, he is very bright, personable and has a great sense of humor. We are laughing all the time in our house. I describe it as needing a "chill pill" only I mean literally. High strung, wound too tight. You get the idea. His father did not have this problem at all and I do not either. His doctor gave his Lorazapam and that helps so hasn't taken the problem away. Now Michael's fiancĂ©e, they are supposed to be married in May, she has the same problem times two. She talks to herself in the bathroom, and I don't mean just a phrase or two. She non-stop goes in there and talks the entire time shes in there. My room is on the other side of the wall, that's why I know. I can't make out what she is saying (I wish I could). They fight (argue) every day. In loud voices. Enough to upset me and my dog. It is so loud!! I wish I could say "Look you two change your behavior or get out. But we are all renting this house. When they are fighting (arguing) she will come to their bedroom and SLAM the door as hard as she can and then stand there and SCREAM. I know she takes Cymbalta & Tramadol but I don't know the reason for the Cymbalta. She sure does NOT act depressed. If I were a doctor I would probably DX her as bi-polar and personality disorder, but I am not a doctor and I really don't know. I just know she has some personal demons shall we say. I am not making light or fun of mental illness because I know it is real and anyone can suffer from it. They are both recovering addicts that have well my son has 12 yrs and they are both very active in NA/ so they try to get better, and I really do believe they love each other, but.......I know deep in my heart that I can't change anyone, heck maybe I need a doctor to figure out how to cope with it. I can't afford to move out and go get another older lady to be roomie's with, been there done that and there is a lot of weird people out there too!!  I don't know I guess I'm just venting, I am relatively happy everyday, and we acknowledge the Lord and know we have blessing in our home. I'm just wondering if maybe they are not the best match, ya know?? Why set yourself up for heartache? Or
chaos everyday. I enjoy quiet and peace and always say "Don't sweat the little stuff" Anyway, just sayin'.

My wonderful, silly, and funny Daddy. God Bless his soul.

Jan 18, 2015 - 0 comments








My Dad was lucky enough to enjoy all the great electronic conveniences, well some anyway. After he retired from the steel industry in Detroit, he & Mom moved to Tulsa, Ok to work for a coffee company as an exec. I lived in Cali. So one day I answered the phone and it was Daddy and he said "Sissy, guess where I am standing talking to you?"
"Where Dad?" "In the middle of the street" (like it was the greatest marvel known to man) He went on to explain his newly acquired "cell" phone. I said that's great dad but please get out of the street to talk? He was equally excited about answering machines, riding lawn mowers and had an especially good time with his portable voice recorder. This is the funny part. We drove from Detroit to Tennessee every summer to visit the grandparents, (awesome memories there) So before we even started the car my Dad turned on the machine and said "Trip to Tenn from Det, Mi. 5:45 am, route to be taken everything. Then every time we stopped to eat or get fuel, "10:00am stopping to eat for 25 minutes then will continue on. He could talk while driving too so he would describe his favorite landmarks along the way.Just thoroughly got a kick and a half out of his new travel recorder. If I thought this was funny or odd, I don't have any memory of it, Just my Dad doing Dad things. Then the really great part of this recording of history was playing it back to my Uncle Hubert who would listen intently and thought it was decidedly the greatest thing since sliced bread. God Bless them both R.I.P. to both. I would give anything to have one more day with my Daddy.
I love you Dad, thank you for a wonderful life. You were what all men should thrive to be.