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My best friend's dog had a horrific accident at home :(

Jan 17, 2015 - 2 comments

para-dog accident home BFFs

My friend Sheila & I have been BFF's a long time and I love her like a sister. Something else we have in common is our dogs whom we love like their our children. A couple of months ago Bogie (her doxie) sailed off the bed like every other day of his life to start his day. Only this time he let out a blood-curdling scream, Sheila flys him to the ER for animals and they gave him something for pain (knocked him out) and then took several xrays in different positions. The unhappy news was that he had hurt his spine so badly that he has paralysis in two lower back vertebrae. Poor Bogie can no longer run or even walk. There is nothing wrong with his front legs. Bogie's only three years old so he has a long life ahead of him. If there is anyone reading this who would know enough about the little wheels that crippled dogs use to maybe explain it or draw a picture of how they are made? Please get in touch with me because I would love to surprise Sheila & Bogie and make one custom fit for him. Right now Sheila has to carry him out to pottie and takes him for his beloved walks in a baby carriage. Bogie can't even see Rusty (my dog) his BFF anymore because Sheila's afraid it would be upsetting to Bogie. They used to run around all crazy & so happy together, it's so sad for everyone really.
I am adding this part not to place blame on anyone but maybe to help someone. I've always had an ottoman at the end of my bed for Rusty, he likes to use it to get up but like Bogie, he used to like to "sail" off too. After Bogie's accident I have adjusted Rusty's habit. I hope someone can help me for my friend, it would be so much appreciated.

Another beautiful day in Cali.

Jan 05, 2015 - 0 comments

art sex sunrise movies

Nothing earth shattering here, I did go to Walmart yesterday. My big outing for the week! Whoopie. Shows you how exciting my life is...haha. Not that I am complaining, far from it, I have a lot to be thankful for. Got some hair color, beige blonde, the same. Two new shades of lipstick, a mauve and a café something. The big fat ones that you can just run over your lips quick, easy peasy. I need to take Rusty to Pinky Poo today (Doggie Beauty Parlor) only he is there to get his hinny glands done, poor little guy, it makes him so miserable. When he starts sliding on the carpet I know it's time again. They do his nails and rear-end for $7.00, not bad.
  I am going to start up my art again today, it seems like I have to wait for inspiration to get it done. Which is a shame because its been six months this time. I'm just glad it came back! I have picked out some cute pics to do, it happens to be kitties this time. :) I will put them up on my pics when I finish.
  The sunrise was another breathtaking sight today! Every morning lately, I tried to get a picture but it doesn't do it justice at all, darn it. It was just my phone cam so maybe my digital camera would take it right. I took a beautiful sunset with the same phone so I'm confused, does east and west make a difference? Weird.
Did you hear about Alan Derserwitz (ms) the famous attorney paying to have sex with children?? Alledgedlly. He and someone else that's a public figure. I already knew that American businessmen go over to Thailand to sex young boys as young as four! DISCUSTING!! I am all for posting their pictures on the front page of every paper. I am not just hating men for this, I know there are plenty of evil women too.
  On to something happier, my sister Brenda sent our family free movie tickets, can anyone recommend any good movies that are out right now? Okay, gotta go have breakfast, if you are reading these words?? Have an awesome day.

"Storm pf the Decade"

Dec 11, 2014 - 9 comments

I was going to finish up my Christmas shopping today but from the looks of it outside, I doubt that's going to happen.
The winds are about 40mph bow at  4:40 am and they are only beginning to come in. According to the news we are going to have the storm of the decade. The last storm we had like this was back in the mid 80'd and I had to work so I was out driving in that up. Nor rain or sleet or snow. I drown a Plymouth Champ, brand new, in the flood that followed the rain just trying to get home. After it was all over my insurance paid off the Plymouth and I got a Thunderbird next so ended up happy with that deal. Not that night though.
Whenever we have weather that's bad my thoughts are on the animals out there that don't have adequate shelter. My heart just hurts for them and I keep my eye out for them. I think that enough people out there love animals to at least bring them in for the storm. Please. Help the animals. I cam't keep thinking about that or I will make myself sick.
Now I sit here wondering why I didn't go buy candles yesterday when I knew this was coming. There will not be any driving today. I am not getting stuck in another flood. There is already debry floating around in the air and all the tall Palm trees are swaying back and forth. There isn't a bird in the sky. I can't help get a little excited at the prospect of a big storm, its just in my nature. I most certainly would never be a storm chaser but lets say that I can appreciate nature's furry once in awhile. Except of worrying about the animals that get stuck out there, and humans.
We have the only homeless person we know on the couch as we speak. It's Gordon, Mike's friend from high school. We have him and his faithful friend and companion a big black lab called "Little Girl". Why he is homeless is his business but he comes for holidays and visits when he needs a hot meal. This man grew up with my son and either Gordon was at our house or my son Michael was at his house. His parents were alive then. He was born to older parents who were well into their 40's when he came along.
Oh no, I just remembered that I have to go pick up my Metformin at Walgreens this am. Shoot!! Can't go without that. They don't open until 8:00 I wonder what this storm will be doing by then, well I guess I will find out. For now I am going to try to go back to sleep.
It's 4:05. G' night.....

Pain relief in sight. Yeah!!

Dec 07, 2014 - 4 comments

Go see the Doctor tomorrow at ten, thank God. My legs are the thing that has been bothering me the most! And my back when I am laying down. I will be so glad, maybe then I will feel like getting out and doing my Christmas shopping. I have to feel pretty good to brave the mall, maybe I will stick with Ross. They always have nice gift sets that don't break the bank.
  I know I have a degenerating spine, my question is how fast does it do that. I know it is worst this year than it was last year.
  My brother with MS got a wheelchair! A real nice fast one, I am so happy for him, he asks for so little and never complains. He won't ever admit to having any pain, but we all know, he does. I love my brother so much.
  My anxiety still suks but I have chosen to ignore it. F-it. If I don't stay out of my Xanax then I suffer period, my fault. Every month I vow to do better and this month is no different. If I feel compelled to take another I am going to remember back to what I have to go through without them, and believe me its no fing picnic, not even a snack!!
  My heart breaks for the animals as usual. its almost unbearable to think about, so I choose not to. God Bless Us ALL.