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We have rain in California and a new puppy, a rescue, is there any other kind?? NO!

Sep 25, 2014 - 0 comments

We acquired a new adandoned Puppy right outside our fence in a brown paper box, no note, no nothing but a very little wiry haired terrior of some type, with the longest legs I have ever seen on a little dog,There is her picture in my pics.My son took her in to get all her shots and protections started.

What does Rusty think of his new baby sister? Not much, but he tolerates nicely and reluctantly made himself declared Alpha Dog. I was a little worried about that part and if he would just let her replace him as alpha but it's all good in Cainine Country in Saramento. I know SACRAMENTO is spelled with a C!! Did I mention the new puppy has these big floppy bunny ears? And when you pick her up and those long legs hang down, she reminds me of a little black lamb!! Cute.

I would really like to put my actions where my mouth is about getting some legislaition laid about banning all KILL shelters.If it were up to me we would stop bugging pets until this was accomplished1  Anyone out there know of a good org. for such or other ideas. Talk to me if you do please. Make your day packed with acomplishments and joy. I love you all, Where it says bugging pets up there? Uh;UH its stop BUYING pets . Thanks.

Doing well and counting my blessings

Sep 06, 2014 - 0 comments

Still doing my art, it has a very calming effect on me, one thing I had not expected when I started. My last piece was a collage of various flowers, which I love. My sister Brenda is the real artist of the family, she had a art show that was shown at the main library of her community for 6 weeks, now she has changed to abstract pop art and that is quite good as well.
  My new friend/man-friend went ocean fishing for 8days in San Diego where he is fishing for tuna and sail fish and such, hope he gets what he wants, I would give my eyeteeth to be there fishing too! Maybe next time.
  I'm missing my friends here on med-help but its no ones neglect but my own because I don't come on enough to really BE a friend so I can't complain. I love you all though, that will not change.
  A couple of my friends have senior kitties that I'm worried about and they are always in my thoughts and prayers as are all my friends here.
  My pain is still bad but manageable, I have a thumb that went bad but can't get ahold of my doctor to get an exray and start to correct the problem, I must change doctors but I hate to.
  Well I guess I will lay back down now and try this thing called sleep again, sleep well medhelp.

  I am very saddened by Joan River's circumstances and resulting death. She was 81 and lived a very good life, goodbye Joan you cracked me up for years, RIP funny lady.

Catchin' Up.

Jun 28, 2014 - 0 comments

I haven't been here since Jun 04 or something like that so I missed a lot. Not that I don't wanna be here, I just get caught up doing my other stuff and forget for awhile. I know how could I forget all these unforgettable people? I don't ever forget you I just know you will be here (God willing) when I return. I love you all, you know who you are!
I am currently taking Norco for pain and I get my Xanax tomorrow. I will feel a lot more like being social then when I can chase away the social anxiety.
I found this website, and I browse til I find what I want to draw then when finished I will color them in in gel pens, felt pens or colored pencils. It's fun and keeps Darla out of trouble. I always have my tunes going in the background that's part of the overall mood. Then later I will watch a movie or two on Netflix.
I had joined a dating website called plenty of fish but soon burnt out on the lack of viable men there. They all sound great at first then later you find out why they don't usually work out. Various reasons. I am not looking real hard either.
My main complaint is living with Michaels girlfriend, two females under one roof thing. She doesn't do anything to keep our home nice. She doesn't do laundry, won't wash a dish, scrub a floor? Hahahaha no. Clean the bathroom? Oh no.  Keep her room clean? no. What I don't do Michael has to do, because his girl acts like this is a hotel. She will cook but she won't do the dishes. One day she did clean the kitchen she said. She washed the dishes to load in the dishwasher but she leaves the counters dirty, the stove, forget it. Anyway you get the picture.
I hope to talk to some old friends and make some new so let me know how things are going in your world! I'll be backkkkkkk! Peace to all-Kindness don't cost a thing, spread that crap everywhere!!!!!! xoxo Darla

Breaking down and dating again, gulp.....

Jun 02, 2014 - 1 comments

Met a real sweet teddy bear of a man on pof, we have been talking a lot and are finally going to meet at Starbucks for coffee, then if everything goes good a date for dinner at Hof Brau, we both love that place. He loves plants and gardening, drives on the weekends. Antique shops, thirft shops, the beach, romantic dinners, picnics, animals animals animals. He has two Kitties, lives in Grass Valley. Has five classic cars so he loves the shows. He loves to talk on the phone, (I need to work on that one) He is very unselfish and kind, always doing for others less fortunate, especially the elderly. Isn't looking to get married, nor am I, just friendship with possible soul mate. He sounds very nice so we will see how we hit it off, wish me luck. He is a night owl and I am an early bird but we get around that by talking in the afternoons and evenings. It has been so long for me! I never thought I could trust another man. After being a bad boy magnet for so long, it will sure be different with a thoughtful man, friend. Going to take things very slow and that's the way he wants it too. I am kind of excited about it and it will be nice to get out and do things again. Stay tuned.....:)