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twins are doing great!

Mar 06, 2009 - 3 comments

The twins are doing very well.  We went to our latest ultra sound on Wednesday.  They are now 18 weeks 6 days!
   The babies were on top on each other and on top of my bladder.  Oh what fun!  We were able to check out their major organs and make sure they had the correct bones in their arms and legs.  Everything went smoothly.  
   I am still amazed how much they change in such a short time.  They are looking more and more like humans and less like aliens. : )
   I am beginning to feel the effects of being uncomfortable.  Really uncomfortable!  I have a hard time sleeping, and lately my lower pelvic has been very achy.  Probably it is continuing to stretch!  I will be 19 weeks tomorrow, and that will be our half way point.  I am hoping that we make it to our projected 38 week mark which will be July 19!  I think that will be a lucky #.
   Well love and kisses to everyone.

Alli, Bryan, A & B twins!

Welcome friends and family

Jan 31, 2009 - 1 comments

Hi loved ones!
   I am so happy that you have decided to come check out how our journey.   It has been a long bumpy road getting here, but alas we are finally here.
    Bryan and I as you might suspect are on cloud 9 and beaming with joy.  We will never take for granted the miracle of having these babies.
   As of today I am 14 weeks and have officially started my second trimester.  The first one went by like a flash.  I was really worried about feeling miserable because everyone I had talked to or the information I read about online mentioned that with twins you feel doubly worse.  I can honestly say that so far (hence so far) I have not felt much misery.  I did have a few weeks of night sickness, but that passed.  I do feel very tired..comatose sometimes even.  But overall I think I have gotten off fairly easy.  But who knows what lies ahead.
   We have had several ultrasounds done, and the babies are growing at the right rate.  Because I am pregnant with twins we have doctor visits and ultra sounds about every 2 -3 weeks. We feel so blessed for this because we get to see our babies growing and changing so rapidly...and we get photos to go along with that.
With a singleton pregnancy it is not uncommon to receive one or two ultrasounds the entire pregnancy.
   The babies are due August 2, but my doctor said we will not have an August delivery.  We are predicting the middle to end of July. We are being traditional and waiting to find out the sex of the babies.  We want to savor one of life's last suprises.  
  Well I will keep you all up to date, so drop by and send a message.

Ovarian Cancer

Dec 24, 2008 - 0 comments

Yesterday another woman in my family has passed away from ovarian cancer.  It was my great aunt Teresa.  She was a beautiful and caring woman.  9 years ago, my grandma Marie also struggled with the horrific disease and battled for many years before it consumed her tired body.
   Ovarian cancer to one of the most deadly because it is hard to detect and many times diagnosed too late.  Please get regular paps and monitor your body.
I just wanted to share how much more needs to be done to prevent women like you and me from getting this disease.
   I am now pregnant with twins and hope that neither one of them has to deal with cancer of any kind.  

big and BLOATED

Nov 30, 2008 - 0 comments

Okay.  So I am not the thinnest girl ever and I am not obese but give me a break.  I feel like a whale.  I am now in my sixth week pregnant, and the bloating and water retention has taken over.  I told my hubby ehhhhh I feel bloated, and then he lifed my shirt and said wow I can actually see how bloated your stomach is.  I have heard that this is a normal symptom for the first trimester and it sure didn't skip over me.  
  I would like to say however that I would take this bloating over morning sickness.  And beyond my gripping I would take this bloating for 8 more months to hold that precious baby.