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Gardening Gardening and more gardening

Mar 15, 2009 - 0 comments




I did things around the house all day getting ready for spring.  We also went to home depot and I bought myself a weeping cherry tree for $60.  I've been thinking about collecting daylilies  or going to walmart and buying a big bag of them.  Haven't decided yet but I can't spend too much money.

Also dug up some of the heavenly bamboo bushes in the backyard and took them over my brother's house.  Nobody knew how to dig a hole so I had to dig them up and put them in holes.  Too much shoveling.  I'll probably dig up more during the week.  He had just bought a new BBQ grill and was putting it together while I was there... but he also owed daddy some money.. guess we all know how he handled that.

Aunt Emma and Uncle Dewayne were over Veronica's house and they came over and chatted for a sec.  Daddy BBQd and it was delicious.

Also repotted some plants and combined alot of them while listening to Dru Hill and MJB.  Started some plants in cups and have some seeds germinating.

I'm on a higher dosage of prozac and I feel more energetic.

Tossin & Turnin

Mar 10, 2009 - 0 comments




I got extremely lonely last night and had lots of trouble getting to sleep. I didn't go to bed until around 4am.  My thoughts were so repetitive that I had to watch tv until I fell asleep.  I tried lying in my room in the quiet but I started to go nuts.

I obsessively cleaned up the den and that took most of the day.  I also cleaned my fish pond.  Wasn't much to do outside because the weather was cold.

I went to work and totally screwed over  I did my job but I'll be damned if I do everyone else's job.  They had about 300 packages at the end of the night because Underwood (ponytail) didn't do a damn thang.

Catching Contact

Mar 09, 2009 - 0 comments




On my way to work I saw Dyson on Portland and Reno.  I stopped and asked if he needed a ride.  He said as long as he can smoke in my car.  Didn't realize that he meant a blunt until he sparked it up and I started to catch contact.  

I found out that a guy on the slide at work went to school for horticulture.  He wanted to put tomatoes out this week and I told him that we're supposed to get a freeze on Wednesday.

I didn't do a damn thang at work.  It was soooo slow but I stayed and made some easy money.  On the way out, I got caught in a heavy down pour of rain.  I just kicked it around and walked leisurely to my car.  When I got home, I put some houseplants outside so they could get a nice shower but the rain stopped as soon as I sat the first plant


Mar 06, 2009 - 0 comments

I got my truck load of compost!!!!  The kids helped me spread it around my garden.  I spent most of the day outside although I was exhausted as hell from last night.

Got off of work a little early tonight and I have the house to myself.  Think I'm gonna watch a movie or something.. my back's a little sore from shoveling dirt all day.