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7th day

Jan 16, 2009 - 1 comments

So I made it 7 days without my Klonopin.
But with all things aside, maybe it was a good thing.
Im beginning to wonder if I was experiencing withdraws before, and just thought it was anxiety.......makes me wonder
Anyways, the WD is way less compared to the original acute anxiety, so its manageable.
It feels like everyday is just slightly better, the Morning still suck so bad, inner vibrating, feeling of.....Dis euphoria.
DPs and DR's,  but mild compared to the beginning.
Im even thinking of quitting the prozac in a bit too.
Sometimes I get the "Zombie" feeling and it makes me feel kinda..out of it. Ive already started to taper that, and feeling pretty good.
Ive noticed since all of the Docs put me on all of the different meds, that Ive been experiencing allot more physical symptoms and side effects, and I think there adding on to the anxiety.
Im parting ways with my anxiety slowly but surely, and I wont be sad when its gone.
Im not a medicine fan either, it works great, but Ive always been a "mind" man.
and Im trying to find that guy again, I hate pills particularly, and thats why its so hard to fathem that I was actually on a narcotic.
Dont get me wrong though, in my opinion still, Klonopin and long lasting benzos are a great medicine, as long as the user is educated and understands the difference between there original problem and withdraws.
and does have a plan that involves not taking something "those who might not need it for life"
Its like a cloud is beginning to lift away from my eyes, and m kinda wanting to drink a beer, and just relax, lol
in time Ill be back to my old beer drinking silly MELLOW, RELAXED self again.



Jan 13, 2009 - 2 comments

today is the 4th day of not taking Klonopin.
It seem like in the morning is the worse, Total feelings of Anxiousness, dread, lethargic, depression from not feeling right.
Sick and tired of going through this, it *****
then everyday around 12:00 to 2:00 it starts to get better.
Ive been taking a B complex via pill, C complex via pill, drink decaf coffee, lots of tea, taking a moltrin as needed for headaches and stuff.
Gonna keep track of all of this for now on, I dont want to have to be on anything, just wanna be normal.

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Dec 14, 2008 - 0 comments


feeling like ****

Dec 10, 2008 - 0 comments

Ug, just one of those "not so good" days, woke up too many times last night, and just feel out of it today.
Yesterday did a floor  with OSB and my backs really feeling it, and all the dust from the old place has set up in my nose and chest, so its messing with me...I hate construction, hopefully Ill be getting a call back from my previous employer to get me back to what I can tolerate.
Im thinking of calling in, and just chilling out today, Sad thing is, is that I work for My uncle right now, and hes completely oblivious on how anxiety controls a person, or how sometimes we need a bit more of a break.
so If I call in I'll hear it for sure from him, and he'll probably act like his normal self and  try to talk me down "doesnt effect me" but I dont like the fact that my uncle cant cut me some slack, thats why I chose to work with him on my road back to normal, so I could get a little bit more slack.....stressful is the word to call it working for him.
its almost not worth it.
Ive also been thinking alot about quitting smoking cause thats messing with me too, its just really hard when I have anxiety.