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Giving Birth and Not Knowing You're Pregnant

May 01, 2009 - 4 comments

So this is a totally true story.

Let's rewind to a few weeks ago.  My mother's good friend Barb is 26 years old.  They teach together.  Barb has a little sister who is my age (22).  They all go out to the bar and drink about once a week.  Nothing crazy, just grabbing a beer after work.  The little sister drinks a little more than they do.  She also smokes at the bar.

3 days ago, Mary (the little sister) went to the ER because she was having bad cramps and thought she might have appendicitis.  She called Barb on her way there.  Barb met her there, they got her in and made her take a pee test.  They always do.  They came back about 20 minutes later saying they couldn't give her anything because *drum roll* she was pregnant.  BIG SHOCKER.  

Now, you think that's bad?  2 hours later, she gave birth to a healthy 7lb baby boy.  Fully developed.  They told her that she had been pregnant the whole time.

How do you not know that you're pregnant? I understand not having a period (she's a bigger gal  and has had trouble with that a lot). I understand overlooking mood swings and even bigger boobs.  But wouldn't you fell that baby moving around?  

I just don't get it.  So then she got the joyous job of telling her parents (who, by the way are pastors and under the impression that she was a virgin) that not only was she NOT a virgin, but they now had a grandson.  I felt really bad for her.

She's a good girl, she really is.  And I can't imagine what she's going through right now.  Nothing's been decided on whether or not she'll keep the baby.  

I just wanted to write about that.  It was crazy to me.

My husky is driving me crazy

Apr 30, 2009 - 10 comments

So, the puppies are now 5 days old, and the momma is about to drive me bonkers.  Dh took her out SEVERAL times yesterday while he was home.  He works at 3pm.  I get home from work around 5.  In that 2 hour time frame, she poo'd 7 times and peed 3 times in her room.  Are you kidding me?  Well, we've been keeping a close eye on Rolly so I have to sit out there with her a lot.  Which she loves because I sit there and pet her for hours.  So I had to clean it all up.  Which I'm not good at.  I have a pretty weak stomach.  Oh well. Its done.  I sat out there for hours. I had to go inside, shower, and get some housework done because my mother is coming up this weekend.   And I don't know about anyone else but my mother constantly complains about how I don't clean enough.  Anyway.  I checked on her a few times, gave her some treats for not making any more messes.  Dh came home at about 11pm.  He pet her a few times, then came into the house and fired up the grill for supper.  We ate, yummy.  Then we started hearing A LOT of yelping.  And it didn't stop.

So dh went out to check on them. SHE TORE OFF THE ENTIRE WALL (paneling and sheet rock, down to the cement blocks) AROUND THE PUPPIES AND LEFT IT ON THE PUPPIES!   The puppies were squished between boards and chewed up sheet rock.  All of them were actually in a decent position and not hurt.  Except for Rolly.  He was squished between to heavy pieces of paneling.  So dh took him into the house.  We bottle fed him. He barely ate, but seemed fine otherwise.  He just kept sleeping.  I'm starting to think that he has some form of doggy narcolepsy.  Kya went NUTS.  We weren't going to take him back in there, but somehow dh talked me into it.  In the 30 minutes that we had him in the house, she poo'd 4 times, peed twice, and ripped another section of wall down.  Not to mention did some serious damage to the door (more than was there from her last freak out).  

So now I just don't know what to do.  I'm afraid that if we keep Rolly in there with her, he's not going to make it.  She cleans him and will let him eat, but doesn't help him and sometimes just totally neglects him.  But if we bring him in the house she freaks out and she'll knock that door down. I wouldn't put it past her for a second.  So I don't know what to do.  

I just needed to vent about that.

Embarassing Moments

Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments

So, I'm incredibly bored today and I thought I'd try this.  I see lots of journals with little questions on them.  Asking what your most romantic anniversaries were like, or funny pet moments, etc.  So I want to try it out.  

I want to hear about your most embarassing moments.  Post as many as you'd like!

My most embarassing moment was a few years ago.  My husband (fiance at the time) was a Corporal in the USMC.  (You military gals will probably love this). Well, he was home on leave and we were alone at his parents house.  So we were having sex.  Ha ha.  We were like rabbits back in those days.  Well, we were trying to spice it up a bit, so dh put on his cover (aka the hat they wear with their uniform).  I winked at him and said "come here, Corporal".  He loved it so for the rest of the "session" I called him Corporal.  Well, it was really good and I got a little too loud. No biggie, we were home along.... right?  WRONG.  His parents had come home part way through our "activities" and could hear everything.  Luckily, dh's parents were pretty easy going about all of that.  We came upstairs for supper a while later.  While we sat eating, his mom asked dh  "How do you like the mashed potatoes......Corporal?"  I was MORTIFIED.   They all thought it was funny.  We still haven't lived that one down.  

Okay, yalls turn!

Puppy Update 3 days old

Apr 29, 2009 - 2 comments

The puppies are now 3 days old and as cute as can be.  We sexed them last night.  5 boys, 2 girls.  The runt has been given a nickname by the whole family.  Rolly the Runt.  He's so little. He doesn't move around as well as the rest so he seems to roll everywhere.   He is doing well though. Eating much better between nursing and bottle feeding.

The rest of the pups are getting so big already.  I'll have new pictures up this afternoon.  They've started to make these little growl noises when they get angry.  So cute.  Like if one of their siblings pushes them out of the way they start growling.  It's so cute.  A few of them will be nursing on top of the pile of them, and will flip over on their backs. It looks like they do aerobics.  Basically, I can't get enough of watching the little guys.