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Catch up!

Dec 20, 2013 - 0 comments

Brady is 3 and doing well! He's grown so much, it's unbelievable. He has been going to a couple speech assessments and they find him actually advanced for his age but I'm still concerned about him cognitively. There's a lot that he doesn't either understand or doesn't show it. If you ask him a question he will rarely answer you really. I know that he is ADHD. It already runs in Jeremy's family and he is too on the go. However, he is speaking a lot more, more clear and we have less tantrums because of it. He still will cry a lot. He is quite an emotional one. I hope that when he can communicate a lot better that his crying will stop. In the new year I plan to change his diet plan because there is no way I would ever put him on meds. I haven't had a diagnosis but I just know what's up.

Lilah is 17 months and crazy smart! She is quite the talker. She can put a few words together already. Most people are shocked when they hear her speak. She also looks so tiny still and doesn't have much hair yet even now. lol She loves to dance and loves her suckie and blanket. Doesn't have to be a specific one as long as it's a receiving blanket. It's so cute. Our little Linus.

Everyone has been quite healthy and happy. I'm still on my meds for PPD. I do want to be weaned off. I'd like to get back to maybe working out or doing a morning jog or something. Eating healthy will help as well.
I came on to see when the last time I had my cycle but I think I missed a couple entries. We moved in October and things have just been crazy busy since. We love our new house and all the room that we have now. It'll be such a nice Christmas.
Hopefully AF shows because I don't need any xmas surprises. We have been careful. lol

Lilah is 1!!

Jul 24, 2013 - 0 comments

So Lilah turned 1 a couple weeks ago and what a little monkey she is. She has a great personality! She's very funny and LOVES her brother. I've still been nursing her right when she wakes in the morn and then she gets milk at lunch and a bottle before bed. She's a good little eater...with 8 teeth she can pretty much eat anything and will beg for anyones food.
She's been close to walking but not quite yet. She's a fast little crawler though and will walk around furniture and such. She's also saying SO many words, it's crazy. She says momma, dada, Brady, Bath, dance, ball, night night, pooh, more, and bed all on her own and then she can pretty much mimic anything you try and get her to say. She's very smart and will be talking sentences in no time!
She weighs about 21lbs I think and I'm not sure how tall. We still have yet to take her to her year appt since everyone's been sick with colds.
She still gets up in the middle of the night but I've stopped nursing her then. Last night was the first night she's ever slept through the WHOLE night!! Let's hope she keeps that up! I need some sleep! ;)

Lilah had Roseola

Jun 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Last wednesday Lilah started with a low fever and just not acting like herself. Thursday night it go extremely high..almost to 104! Scared me but we were able to get it down with a nice bath. The fever broke sometime before 2:30am but she still seemed "off" on the Friday. She was very irritable through all this and hardly slept at all. Saturday morning she woke with a rash all over her face, chest and back. Then she was itching her head like crazy. Roseola normally isn't itchy and she was so upset that I took her in at 9:30 that night to emerg cuz I just couldn't take it anymore and I wasn't sure if it was roseola. He said it was...couldn't explain the itching but said benadryl could help. She didn't sleep very well again so the next day I went out and got some for her and it definitely helped her sleep without being irritated. Sunday the rash was still there, Monday it was mostly gone. Today she has nothing and is completely back to normal and feeling much better :)

Lilah 5 months old

Dec 13, 2012 - 2 comments

Lilah turned 5 months 3 days ago. She's such a happy baby! :) She's pretty quiet as well. She LOVES her big brother, watches him and smiles big every time he comes to talk to her. Brady loves Lilah. When she cries he calls her name and runs for her. When we are out and about he is always showing strangers his little sister. It's too cute.

She still feeds about every couple hours during the day and will be sleeping around 9. She gets up around 2ish and again around 5:30. Which isn't bad.

I fed her cereal for the first time a couple weeks ago but she wasn't ready. I tried again last night and she did fairly well.

She has started teething I think. Lots of drooling and she rubs her tongue on her bottom gums a lot. She's rolled from her belly to her back but nothing else yet. She's come close to going the other way.

I think she may be allergic to the dog. He just went to stay at Grandma's for a couple months to do a trial run and see if that's really the problem. She's been congested since birth. It's like she has phlegm at the back of her throat all the time, she itches her nose and eyes and sneezes a lot.

I've noticed I've been extremely agitated lately and just not myself so I have an appt tomorrow at the doctors to talk to her about it. I've also noticed that at times I feel my hands are really sore and stiff. I'm hoping it's more of a breastfeeding thing but I will talk to her and see.