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Methotrexate danger/decreasing Immune System :( & a backstabbing friend lol

Jun 30, 2013 - 0 comments

just found out Methotrexate shots, decreases your immune system :( I can actually move,its amazing,heard many stories on how it affects your other organs as well. I've been on & off w/ new med {Sapris},I've never heard nor seen an advertisement about it,prescribed by my shrink,for my anger issues,I'm so scared of leaving my arpt, btw menopause,depression,fibromylgia,my environment (an ex I dumped 7 yrs ago! still Haunts me,& hangs out @ the bar below my aprt! Move on Dude) makes me miserable,angry_ a huge trigger! uurrghh  God why!!  The Inhumanity!! lol..
Paranoid increasing,very aggressive behavior defensive,feeling of being used,I know I have to let go,this is why I'm going back on Saphris, hopefully I won't grow a tree branch Outta my chest :/ !!! yrs ago,I was on  Zyprexa sight effect> I have grinding of my teeth & a crooked jaw.. sheesh!! lol
must say saphris does work,(w/ anger bt still depressed) I remember  last summer,while cooking I dropped an olive on the floor!I I Screamed bloody murder, what didn't I called that Olive! Customers from the cafe across from me heard, friends @ the cafe called me on the phone, asked if it was me yelling! I said "yea, I dropped a (@#$%) olive!! they invited me to join them, smoke a hookah. I don't drink.I'll stick to this nasty medication..

a friend I would risk my life for, turned on me when my mother past, she called me once & sent me a xmas card, she stomp on my heart, I was a good friend, she would call I would never hang up on her, even if it meant i was late for work, she was there when I had my daughter, we were friends for 26 yrs.we had the perfect friendship,.then I became angry cut a few more friends out, went on a face book deleting frenzy as well LOL!!  I'm outta my mind too, :/ @ my age, I'm done, my best friends are dead :( when I feel nostalgic,I miss them so much,such fun,I start to cry,can't help feeling guilty_it rips me apart..I have abandonment issues.. big time..
where was I? I also jump all over the place it's hard to understand anything I write/or say.I'm very confused,my mother died of Alzemiers,it does cross my mind,perhaps I will develop dementia..if you're reading this, bless you, & your pateince..I forget everything, or catch myself hiding items,then I forget where I placed them,
   I remember things 45 yrs ago,LOL but not current...go figure..I can have a conversation w/ you a few mins ago,& I'll forget, makes me very frustrate,ashamed,__ on another note, you can tell me all your secrets b/c I WILL forget IBS is ruining my Life! since 2008_from May_June, I get attacks.Bloated ribs hurting pure hell,I have bentyl. but  it constipates me :(  In need of hep C txt..dr won't touch me unless I'm on a decent antidepressants, my shrink urgh..lucky if he looks up @ me..on xanaxs 1 mg as well works quickly when I'm having  a fit,panic attacks starts..also getting more phobias..worry 24/7 of things that haven't happened yet.."oye vey" I don't expect a reply lol it just so draining to figure out what I'm tryin to say_ it takes me 4ever to pick out a meal..on a breakfast menu!! ..making up my mind is a mission..I'm ALL OVER THE PLACE_

rheumatoid arthritis/fibromyalgia w Hep C taking Methotrexate shots,can this be worse for my liver? :(

Mar 09, 2013 - 0 comments

in such pain right now.I'm taking Methotrexate shots for my arthritis,which is spreading quite rapidly.don't know much about this shots I get every other week..if I miss an appt,my arms will lock up,I can't even scratch my ear..
completely locks,pain is so vicious.have no use of my arms at all
I will browse med help/and google about fibro/rheumatoid as well..since this is new to me..
..I haven't been bipolar for some depression has increased w/ severe anger outburst & bad impulse,which I always regret later..I'm starting a new med _Saphris 5mg..suppose to help w/ my severe mood swings/anger issues...I'll start this tomorrow..I am 51 ..trying to educate myself now with new illness, my pinky is getting deform,I can't enjoy sketching.:( any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
my main concern are,
can these shots be harmful to my liver?
overall I feel extremely sluggish/so tired.
.Thank You.Have a Wonderful Day!

went to & hep-c.thank you now I knw metal mouth is stomach

Aug 09, 2011 - 0 comments

bloating, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, soft humming sound in my ears, smelling strange smells, sinus attacks, eyes wattering and itching, anal and vaginal area itching attacks, nauseau, throat itching, metal taste or bitter taste on tongue.  From Charm, I will be thanking her...she has finally answered, what has been driving me nuts, for quite a few yrs.wondering which illness is giving me, as strange smell,sound ears,strange smell,Metal mouth, I thought it was from my liver hep-c..right down to the bitter taste!! extreme vaginal itch! that was driving me wild! yes attacks!! I'm not sexually active @ all, the thought of my scallycat tongue urrghh I'm miserable, like an old shoe, not a pair just an old smelly shoe lol... Thanks Charm you saved a friend Mentally_I'm out of my I can just push side..wow_! finally I know what all of the above is_went to er yesterday..told me ibs


Mar 05, 2009 - 0 comments

I'm completely blank..anything can trigger me off...