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Lexi and labor day weekend

Sep 06, 2011 - 5 comments

labor day

It's been a while since I journaled and there is so much to tell!  Some good and some not so good.

Rory starts pre-school on the 19th and I'm very excited and anxious/nervous at the same time.  I look forward to her going for so many reasons but mostly because she is so bright and imaginative and full of energy that I think she will have a fantastic time!

Lexi has been doing fairly well.  She's adjusting to Shawna but let's face it, Shawna is no Kelly!  Lexi has been saying, mom, dad, bubbles, baby, ball and cookie all unprompted!  Lexi tends to say mom a lot but most recently, she actually means me!!!  She also is now saying:  calm down (from watching Ni Hao Kai Lan), thank you and you're welcome.  Lexi can now stack between 5 and 6 blocks...just 4 months ago she couldn't even stack more than 2!  Lexi is also learning to clean up during therapy and this has rolled over into her daily routine.  Lexi now brings you her bowl or plate when she is done's the cutest thing to watch!

I am, however, worried about her increasing fear of the second floor of our home.  I've posted a question in the autism forum and would love some feedback.  I love feedback from you all but would especially love to hear from other asd moms and/or moms who have heard or dealt with this.

Lexi's hair pulling comes in ebbs and flows and most recently it sure is flowing!  She had one patch of hair left on her left side (the hand she uses to suck her thumb) but now that is nearly gone (overnight!).  It breaks my heart to see this.  I know it will most likely pass but I worry that she'll do permanent damage.

Sorry to be a debbie downer today.  There are some days I am just thrilled to pieces and others I feel overwhelmed.  Today, I'm feeling sad and slightly overwhelmed.  DH's family haven't been very supportive, rolling their eyes because I needed to leave an event early because of Lexi.  They really have no idea what it's like!  She clings to me mostly.  I don't even get an option to sit down and hold her, that's not good enough. I must stand and hold her.  have you ever tried to hold 30+ lbs for hours on end and take care of a 4 year old?  It's nearly impossible to prepare a meal or do anything else alone?  There are 3 adults in the house and it's like a tag team event every day just to get simple chores done.  His family really has no clue!

Hurricane Irene and Lexi

Aug 26, 2011 - 4 comments

It's been a long, short, fast two!

I'm settling in nicely to my new job.  The boss/owner is great and we're getting into a pretty good routine.

Lexi survived the switch to a new DI therapist.  She still has Kelly on Saturdays but now has Shana (pronounced Shawna) on Tuesdays.  Shana has a bubbly personality and Lexi took to her almost immediately.  They had a good session where she did puzzles, etc.

Lexi also had her OT therapy on Thursday.  Carol, her therapist, finally took a different approach and was more relaxed with Lexi.  Since she was relaxed, Lexi opened up a bit better.  When Carol arrived, Lexi immediately went to her blocks and started stacking them.  They did play time in the tube/tunnel and Carol also bounced Lexi on the big ball noting that she does not really wrap her legs around to grip.  Rather, she sticks them straight out so that will be something they will work on.  While there, Lexi did fall over while sitting a few times and kept saying "I'm stuck!"  She later told DH..."No, daddy" while he was tickling her.

Lexi seems to be responding more to yes and no questions.  I was never sure before if her responses of yes or no actually meant yes or no but they do seem to now.  She still doesn't make eye contact with strangers but does hold it a bit longer with immediate family.  She is grabbing my hand more to show me what she wants and loves to throw a ball now too!

There are times that it seems or feels like she has so far to go and it worries and upsets me.  I try not to let that happen.  I do see how far she has come and I'm ok with whatever her final diagnosis might be.  She understands so much of what we say to her but she still says a lot of gibberish and she's hard to focus on a task.  I think I'll eliminate some more toys from the living room or from sight.  The therapists want us to narrow her choices down to 1 or 2 items, making her clean up before she can move on to the next one.

And lets see, to top it all off...we had an earthquake earlier this week and are now gearing up for hurricane irene.  My sister, her husband and their pets will most likely be heading to our parents house tomorrow.  Tonight we will be busy clearing the yard and prepping the house.  We already have flashlights, batteries, water, etc.  Wish us luck!

Updates on Rory and Lexi 8/15/11

Aug 15, 2011 - 8 comments

Rory is now 4!  I really just can't believe it.  She had her 4 year checkup today and that went pretty well.  Her weight was a little bit of an issue, which I knew it would be.  DH loves to feed her junk but she will eat fruits, etc. so it was good he took her.  I wanted him to hear it straight from the doc.  It's also time to start taking her to a dentist...NOT looking forward to that.  Any tips ladies??

We also had Rory's birthday party on Saturday.  It was at a place called Little Sport.  What a great time everyone had!  They shut the place down for our party, the kids had free play time in their play area which had toys galore!  From there, the kids then went in to the next room where they received 40 minutes of instruction which included shooting hoops and a kiddie obstacle course.  Afterwards was time for pizza and cake!  It was money well worth spending.  Rory had a great day and I had a stress free time!

As for Lexi, she's still not connecting very well with her occupational therapist.  They just aren't clicking for some reason.  Otherwise, I believe her OT therapy is going well.  Her DI therapy is going excellent!  She's add the following words:  Kelly (her therapist), your welcome, dada (she hasn't really been saying that before) and a few more that I cannot seem to recall right now.

Now for the sad news...Kelly (her di therapist) will be returning to her teaching job soon and after this week will no longer be Lexi's therapist.  She'd like to stay on, coming out on Saturdays if possible but I will need to call her supervisor.  I've already spoken to the supervisor once when she called to set up the new girl to come out and I'm not too thrilled with her.  The replacement they want to send will not be keeping the same schedule.  Instead of Mondays and Thursdays at 1, this girl wants Tuesdays at 12 and Thursdays at 2:30.  I've already expressed my concern as Tuesdays were never an option for us and the time on Thursday is no good since Lexi naps between 2 and 3.  She pressured me into accepting these times stating they are just trying to fill up the days and I can work it out with the therapist when she comes out.  

My feelings are...I'd much rather keep Kelly one day a week then have to acclimate Lexi to someone new two days a week.  Lexi does so well with Kelly.  She's made significant progress, so much so, that we can leave her alone in the room with Kelly and she doesn't freak out.  She even said bye bye Kelly as Kelly drove away last week.

Wish me luck in my phone call to the supervisor!

Rory's birthday coming up...and more

Aug 01, 2011 - 3 comments

It's been a little bit since I've posted a journal or have really been active here on MH.  I've been trying to clean up my desk, etc. and continue to work as professionally as possible.  I'm in the insurance industry and by comparison the industry is very small.  I want to leave on good terms.  Well, I'm pretty well cleaned up now and have a few moments of free time.

We'll start with Rory today.  She's doing so well.  We're coming up on her 4th birthday on the 8th of this month.  I've booked her party at a local place that will shut down for the party time and provide private play instruction to her and the other kids.  It's designed for Kindergarten and under and I think she will have a blast!  After picking the party place, I took her to the party store and let her pick her party theme.  She chose My Little Pony.  Not sure why but whatever makes her happy.  Of course, she'll be starting Pre-K in September so I will need to do some school supply shopping as well soon.  She's growing up so much but she's been in a very energetic phase lately, very much in your face with whatever she wants to talk about...and of course talks non stop too!  I'm sure its a phase though.  Wow...I could ramble on for days...

Lexi is doing great as well!  She's been doing OT and DI therapy.  Her OT therapist is pleased to see her squatting position, she indicated it was good to strengthen her core muscles.  She also noticed that her ankles do not turn in as badly as her initial assessment.  Apparently she likes firm rubs up and down her spine and "pillow sandwiches".  The OT said we could use these to relax and calm her.  She did note on her report that it takes Lexi a long time to fall asleep at nap time as well as at night.  The OT also advised DH that he needs to do more calm play with the girls.  I LOVED hearing that!  lol

Lexi actually approached me the other day, handed me her cup and said "juice".  This is one of the first and very few times she's asked for something without being prompted or without just taking us to the location of what she wants.  It's still slow going but she is picking up words every day.  She's also starting to transition a little easier and completed 2 puzzles with very little help at her last DI session.

Both my girls are such little rays of sunshine.  Always happy.  Despite this being yet another crazy year for me/us, I wouldn't change it for the world.  I find out, every day, just how much more I can endure...just how strong I can be.