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my mind

Jun 08, 2009 - 1 comments

It goes wandering,destination unknown
Every step promises a new horizon,
A sign it has a long way to go.

It meets people from the past,
They share laughter,they fight,they howl,they whine
They attempt to undo the wrongs,set some things right.

It meets new people,people it wishes to know,to like,and to love
They have endless chats of future,they laugh,they weep
It attempts to create a whimsical world,ideal to itself.

It has traversed rock strewn paths that cut and bleed
It braves the storms in the endless sea
It crosses rivers whose depth it cannot fathom,mountains whose peaks it cannot reach.

Now it has meandered way too far
It's lost in some dark,menacing woods
Peril lurks at each turn,fear weighing it down

It's now in despair,lonely,
Its garb of merry long gone
Grotesque images blinding its vision.

It wants to return,it aches to gallop back
It wants to rest in the comfort of the known.
Realizes it should dwell in the present,not delve in the past!

But the job of tracing back is gargantuan
For it has left no trail
It'll have to be yanked out of its reverie,it's gone offshore!

I yearn for it too
I need it for my sanity,for my peace
Someone help it come back!


Jun 08, 2009 - 0 comments

It is pagan,it is devil
evil to man,man's own evil.
Bloodthirsty,it lusts on human flesh,
entangles lives,deadlier than spider's mesh.

It feeds on despair,melancholy its breeding ground,
it's an anathema,makes the world go round.
Spares no one,spares nothing,
its fangs deep,venom of annihilation in its every sting.

You thought i was talking of the economic recession?
Recession of love and recession in ties,
recession in my peace,embedded deep it lies.

I am unable to love,unable to connect,
living in my own solitary world,no sweet thoughts to interject!
There's a money crunch, piercing many like darts,
there's a crunch too in my life,of the broken shards of my heart.

Influx of money can ease the economic recession,
tell me,oh,what do i do of my satanic obsessions?
I have closed all doors,i build walls,
the wounded condition of my heart pains me,it appalls.

I desire salvation, i ask for emancipation
I have had enough of this damnation.
I know i will survive,i shall wait
I know i can restart, it's never too late!


Jun 08, 2009 - 0 comments

You showed me a lollypop
it looked very colorful and enticing
i longed to hold it,wondering how it tasted like
you placed it in my palms,making me ecstatic
with giddy delight i unwrapped it,feeling Your benign presence above me
it tickled my sensations as i tasted it
i was joyous,dancing with merry
but they say it right when they say happiness lasts for four moments
the tear drop stinged my eyes,rolling down my cheek
my faith shattered as You yanked it out of my hands
once again You raised my hopes
only to raze them brutally to the ground
Oh Lord,i ask once again Your reason for such a step,
i ask again,Why?


May 12, 2009 - 0 comments

head feels too heavy!

Migraine Tracker