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blood drawn again

Dec 29, 2008 - 0 comments

endo was to have order faxed to my gp on dec 1, to get levels chkd. called and the gp has yet to receive them and cannot do ck, till order in hand. call endo, can't get human being on phone. call back and push the "if you are a doctor or dr's office push 1" get human being explain that order not received by gp. she looks in her computer and says that she doesn't see where an order was faxed, huh ok, could you fax one please, I 've gained 20 lbs since december 1, i might be having a bit of a level change? so, blood is drawn, weight is up 20 lbs, and my gp is in agreement. time to think of a different plan, but then maybe i am heading hypo. could it be possible? yes. now i have to start reading my bodies reactions to an all new situation. good god!

Thyroid Disorder Tracker

another visit to the endo

Dec 01, 2008 - 0 comments

just another visit to the endo and a "humm you now have a goiter," and "i'm hoping the other antibodies will kick in and kill off the the thryroid". mentioned getting the thryoid surgically or radiated, received a "oh you don't want to do that, see you in march" huh? yeah right. my body doesn't seem to be responding, i was taking 3 10mg tapazole 2x a day, "well, drop it down to 2 10mg 2x a day." yeah and the next tests will show a rise in the levels again. and a drop in my tsh, news flash, i am loosing faith, quick,fast and in a hurry! good news is i am able to feel when my levels are changing whether it be for better or worse. i am recognizing what my body is doing. this is a good thing.

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