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Genetics appt

Sep 28, 2010 - 0 comments

So we had an appt today and all in all it was ok.  I was shocked to learn that 50% of babies with Down Syndrome will terminate and not make it.  I have always felt blessed to have Vaun and now even more so.  The Dr said that our odds of having another baby with DS will increase by about 1% but that's fine with me.  Hubby is a little concerned but I told him that worst case scenario, it would still be a blessing and he agreed.  e're trying to work out when to start trying again.  I would like to start soon but hubby thinks we should wait so we can focus all of our attention on Vaun.  I want him to have a brother or sister close in age to be with him in school etc and just to be there for him.  Hubby made the mistake of telling my MIL that Vaun has a bit of a cold and now she won't stop calling.  I seriously can't stand her and have no idea what to do.  I told Darwin that if she's going to call 3 x's a day than he can answer the phone and deal with her.  Even when she calls everyday he ignores the phone when he sees it's her.  He only answers when she keeps calling and calling until someone answers.  God help me!  I'm pretty moody today, I feel like I could rip someone's head off....Let's hope my MIL doesn't call lol!  I have to go for bloodwork on cycle day 21 and 28 to see if I've started ovulating on my own or not.  Let's hope so!

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No more visits from my MIL PLEASE!

Sep 19, 2010 - 0 comments

I barely survived yesterday's outing.  She managed to sit in the back on the way to and from our destination.  Her baby talk absolutely drove me nuts.  I've asked her numerous times not to do baby talk, Vaun needs to hear real pronunciations of words etc.  Didn't stop her one bit.  And of course she had to wake him up when we were 10 min away from home.  I had already asked her before not to wake him up...sure enough he started crying for the rest of the way home.  Yes, thank you, that was just what I needed.  I thought we were rid of her when we got home, but she wanted to come up and give him a bath.  NO!  I told her I was going to get his bottle ready, put on his pj's and spend some time with him since I hardly had him all day!  She got the hint and left.  She even had the nerve to say she wanted to buy his birthday cake.  Again, NO!  She's had 2 kids of her own, this is my son and my chance to be a mother.  Hubby promised he'll have another talk with her...otherwise I'm just going to start making him unavailable all the time like he is now!

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Blood work this morning....

Sep 16, 2010 - 0 comments

I was out early at 7 am to go and get my bloodwork done to check my FSH level.  When it was tested over a year ago it was at a 7.  I'm also going back on cycle days 21 and 28 to see if I'm ovulating on my own.  My period really ***** today.  Bleeding through everything!  (tmi!)  I'm looking forward to going to Costco tonight with Hubby.  I'm trying to find a really nice 1st year book and a nice photo album to do up for Hubby for our anniversay in Oct.  We'll be speinding our anniversary in Niagara Falls at the Down Syndrome conference so I'm pretty excited :)  Not looking forward to this damn road trip on Sat with my MIL.  The orig plan was to visit my grandparents at their trailor, an hour and a half away.  Now she wants to visit a relative who's staying in Toronto before we go.  It's going to take over an hour to get to this relative's pl and than another 2 hours to get to the trailor.  I think it's rude of her to get us to go.  We already visited this person 2 weeks ago.  WHATEVER!  i already told hubby I didn't want to go, it's going to be too long of a day, not to mention I could rip someone's head off with my hormones right now lol. Not a good time of the month to be stuck in a car with that woman lol!

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Still no period?

Sep 14, 2010 - 2 comments

Cycle day 32 and now I'm starting to really wonder.  It's morning so I still have the rest of the day to go before I buy a PT.  Lots of things goin on today to keep me busy, Vaun's EI person is coming at 2:30 and my friend is coming over at 6:30 for a visit :)  Fter she leaves, than I'll run out.  Last time I found out I was pregnant it was the morning my friend and I were leaving on a 3 day trip to Pennsylvania.  Lots of great shooping in Grove City, I can tell ya that much!  Darwin is worried that if I'm pregnant we won't be giving as much attention is needed to Vaun.  I can see good and bad things about it. Yes, I would worry about Vaun, but the good thing is, he'd have a sibling really close in age.  I'll post an update tonight after I take the test, there's no way I could possible wait until tomorrow!

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