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More appts for Vaun

Oct 07, 2010 - 7 comments

Vaun's assessment went pretty well.  The only thing that seemed to concern them was that he was not following and tracking objects.  I got a phone call yesterday and the specialist is seeing him today....This is at the best hospital in Toronto and I'm a little alarmed that they got him in so early.  Now I'm worried.....usually you'd have to wait months for an appt.  His appt is at 11:30 at the eye clinic at Sick Kids so we'll see how that goes.  On another note, Vaun is really big for his age.  Fot his length they threw away the Ds chart and even on the chart for "normal" children he's in the 95 percentile.  Hopefully he'll be tall....eventhough men with Ds typically don't get taller than 5'4.  Time will tell :)  I've been up all night and all morning saying lots of prayers.  I feel sick and can only hope that it's nothing too serious.

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Vaun :)

Oct 02, 2010 - 1 comments

Wow!  What a day!  Vaun rolled for the 1st time this afternoon :)  He was on his tummy for tummy time, got tired and rolled over all on his own!  I didn't catch him rolling but I did take a few pics right afterwards that I'll post soon :)  He has his 3 hour assessment on Tues to see how his development is coming along.  I hope it's not all negative.

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