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Things do do.

Apr 18, 2010 - 2 comments

Baby Evelyns room.

-green curtains
-change table

Bring to BC for the babys birth.
-baby clothes
-lotions, soaps, diapers, wipes, diaper bag
-Clothes that fit me now
-Clothes that fit me after the baby
-All ID (marriage license too!)
-Medical history
-Dans hand prints
-Winter clothes
-Critters and critters things
-Hubbys contact info

I cant believe my cousin/friend!

Feb 21, 2010 - 0 comments




I was talking to my cousin today. Shes been single for a while now and would just hook up with guy friends of hers randomly. As if Im not disappointed about that enough.... she tells me one of these guys from work has a gf and shes still f*cking him! I was shocked and told her shes just as much in the wrong as he is and she said no, hes the one breaking his relationship (which I kind of agree with) but then she says shes not at fault in anyway because "She didnt push him in to it" DOES SHE NOT HAVE MORALS OF ANY SORT? Yeah its wrong of him but is wrong of her too. I dont think she thinks of it the other way... like if she had a bf and someone knew they were dating and someone slept with him anyway. She was blown away that I wasnt happy for her and thought we were "going to have a fun conversation". Im just so ashamed of her you know. Years ago she would party all summer and sleep around, do drugs and get wasted but shes almost 21..... Its time to grow up. Something else that pisses me off is that her brother was caught with pot and he got in SO much trouble and everyone in the family looks down on him. When their mom was talking to my brother about how my male cousin is going no where and just a pot head, it was so hard not to say something. My aunt read her kids phone messages and was telling my brother that male cousin was getting weed and said something to his friend to bring it cuz he was taking his sister to the bar to get smashed (because she lost her job). My girl cousin told me the day after she lost her job that she went to the bar and got drunk and high... Hes taking the blame for her weed! I dont think my aunt said anything to male cousin about reading about this but I told my mom about it and if he gets in trouble for it, Auntie needs to know the whole story.

Thats just my little rant about how my once very close cousin and friend has disappointed me and I dont want to have much to do with her. (I get more excited about spending time with my aunt)

The little things.

Feb 15, 2010 - 0 comments

Its everyday life that makes you forget about the little things. Its also everyday life that makes you feel useless without them once they are gone. Well these little things are the most important. Please take some time, how ever long it takes you, to look at the little things around you that brighten your day. Cherish them!

My husband is gone, military life will do that. Though Im one of the lucky ones who doesnt have him gone long, 2 months feels like eternity. Ive noticed that when hes here, a hug, a kiss, a cuddle, even just his smell, doesnt seem to make my day better. Yes, its enjoyable but I never thought it impacted my day so greatly. Today I was cleaning up and found a face cloth that hadnt been touched since he left. He used it to wipe his face after he shaved. It smells like his aftershave and just the smell brought me back to a more comforting time.

Ive noticed I take these things for granted before but this time Im going to remember them. I got these wood hearts from my granny when we were cleaning. I plan on paining them and writing on each one what I need to appreciate more in my day. (not at the top of my list of things to right now, but when its done, Ill post pictures)


Jan 27, 2010 - 9 comments

I went to the hospital after discovering bleeding that was bright red, then pink. The dr. checked my cervix and said it was closed. I managed to get a cancelation so got an ultrasound and the baby looked great. Measures 12 weeks like its supposed to and its heart was beating. Im worried because I have bad cramps though.

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