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just for fun NEW - april/2014

Apr 04, 2014 - 3 comments


Do you love pets and funny wordplay? Check out these 14 cat and dog puns sure to give you a grrrin!


Whether or not you're a fan of wordplay, if you're a pet owner, it's hard not to crack a smile when you hear some hilarious cat and dog puns — or simply groan and roll your eyes in amazement of their pawdacity!

We hope you find this list of pugnacious pet puns as a-mew-zing as we do:

1. "I woof you." Expressions of love are always purriceless.

2. I'm going to make you an off-fur you can't re-fur-se." It's impawsible to say no to cute pets.

3. "Cat-astrope!" The purrfect way to describe that moment when you discover your kitty has "re-fluffed" the pile of laundry you just neatly folded.

4. "I'm having a ruff day." Don't "terrier self up" about it. There's sure to be a pawsitive outcome!

5. "Procatstination." When your kitty lies on your laptop, she's just trying to turn you into a purrcrastinator.

6. "You have cat to be kitten me right meow." You went to the store and fur-got to purrchase a new toy?

7. "Whatevfur." Watch that cattitude!

8. "Is your pup your doggleganger?" The anomaly of dog and owner look-alikes certainly gives paws for thought.

9. "I could have been a cat-tender! I could have been somepawdy!" Some cats have a flair fur the drameowtic.

10. "That dog sweater is a fashion furpaw." Even pets have fashion sense. (Hopefully the puparazzi wasn't watching.)

11. "Raise the ruff — this purrty is off the leash!" Pets know how to have a punrestrainedly good time.

12. "Incatceivable!" Some things are purrplexing to even the smartest of cats.

13. "Pardon the interrufftion." Your pup might have something important to say — even when he seems barking mad.

14. "Everything but the kitten sink!" We couldn't pawsibly fit anymeowr puns on this list.

Join the pet pun mewvement and share your favorite cat and dog puns on our Petcentric Facebook page!

just saving the story - reminds mine

Mar 14, 2014 - 0 comments

pretty story

Mc Cat's healthy  news

Nov 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Cats were created for trainning monks, be sure...
The one without appetite (L) is nor the one with intestinal issues -
The one with poo not so good( J) is the one eating almost normal
Both were taking anti hairball stuff
Only traces of fur spit were from Loreena- that is eating and pooing ok
No signs of worms no one // nowhere.
Yesterday events - Joy and Lucky had just eaten.Lucky was in the mood that hour.Grandma was happy
Pot fell on the floor- J run to pick more fastly- she got - it was more than she could hold or she ate some hair together- she throw up all!
Lucky came near looking for the new "product" on the floor.Grandma wondered if she should clean area first but decided to wait for Joy attitude.She did nothing.
Lucky ate that as well.
Today I didnt see Joy's poo yet - hope is fine

Pos- Halloween homage to mines:-)

Nov 04, 2013 - 3 comments


This text was written a loong time ago!!! More exactly on  October,19th,2010
I had completely forgotten about - til I've found it, near the Halloween.
99% is still true, I will post the changes as PS after the original text
                  Living With 3 Cute Witches
Misterious eyes shining clothed in furry black coats.
Oldest one has some white hair in her belly and 2 green emeralds in the eyes;little witches are sunny yellowish eyed.
They love brooms and sticks since their very first months - but they dont need the wand for making magic.Just a shake of  a tail or a rub against one human leg and its done - food appears, litter is cleaned...
If not, they start an old enchanted melody, its like a mantra, composed of a single word and make all not dumb person abandon his/her work , pleasure or bed and go there to check what they want.
Witch senior Loreena is just a little older, but she's wiser.She knows more tricks , she lived outside and knows the world.She talks few, but just a look and ypou understand her completly.
A real expert in recognizing bad people and bad energy- I have to trust her about those.She's still teaching me about.
She's also a good healer/nurse- she showed me that a few weeks ago.
I always knew she was  great taking care of her siblings but now she proved she can nurse me as well.
The fluffy witch with  a broken tail, Joy, is specialist in disappearing - you stop watching for a while and she , that was apparently sleeping peacefully , is not there anymore.If the door is not perfectly closed you will find her outside, maybe looking for herbs to make potions,
Witch Lucky, my shy alive charm is most commonly found under furniture, but just disappears when
afraid of something/someone.
They dont know yet the magic  of getting free of worms by themselves and that worries me a lot( too much medicine is not ok :-( )
But they do know the BEST MAGIC one can do .The know the magic of making me smile when I dont have  reasons for, that magic that pulls me ahead!

PS Nowadays, they mastered their qualities and dont get worms so easily, mercifully.
This year I gave them  Witch names as you can see on their pics : Lucky Charm , Joy Spell and Enchanted Loreena.