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CD 41

Nov 04, 2013 - 0 comments

Nothing still.

Today was the first time Hubby and I DTD since the Big V last Tuesday (10/29). He is still worried something is going to go wrong.

I feel like taking my temps isn't really helping any. I thought maybe if it stayed low that meant AF was coming but it was at 97.01 this morning. So it went up from yesterday.

Guess I'll just see what things do tomorrow.

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CD 40

Nov 03, 2013 - 0 comments

It is almost 2am on Sunday. Time for "Fall Back" an hour.
Anyway, it is day 40 of this cycle. I last took a test on Thursday and it looked negative. I still have seen nothing. Around 9pm I had some period like cramping while sitting on the floor. It could have been due to gas or bowels, because it came for a few minutes and went.
I only estimated when I Oed, if at all, and I am about 15dpo. I took a shower close to noon yesterday. My cervix didn't feel high but it felt closed. I am trying not to over analyze anything going on with me.
I thought it would be best to at least wait 2 weeks past when I thought I Oed to definitely confirm not getting AF before calling my OB. I keep feeling like it's right around the corner... like if I mention it to someone, then it's going to come. I just don't want to waste money going in and then getting AF the next day or something.


EDIT: 12pm today: Cervix felt closed this morning. Nothing yet. The "Fall Back" Daylight Savings, messed up my temp. I tried to temp at 5:45 to match up with 6:45. It was 96.51, which is the lowest it's been. How can it go from highest it's been, to lowest? I think I should have just stuck with 6:45. I took my temp at 7:15am? maybe? I was sleepy and can't remember. I "think" it was 97.23, but I could be wrong. So I just used an adjusted temp from 96.51 to 96.71, from the adjuster, of going 5:45 to 6:45am. I am just temping at 6:45 tomorrow. May be getting a test today for Monday. We are going out later.

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CD 38

Nov 01, 2013 - 0 comments

I took a hpt on Thursday. It was a dollar store test with pink dye. I didn't see anything the first few minutes I looked at it. When I looked at it today it had an evap test line.
I think Oed on Oct 20, so if I had a "normal" cycle it would take 14 days to get my AF. Which means today is Day 12, so if it hasn't come by like wednesday then I may look into going to see my doctor.

If AF is coming, then it needs to come already. lol.

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Oct 30, 2013 - 0 comments

This su¢ks.

My husband had his vasectomy yesterday. I am still waiting on AF. No signs of anything. I took the blue dye test yesterday morning and it looked negative. There have been times where I think AF has come but it's just CM, for awhile now. My cervix did not feel like it was ready to be doing anything. Maybe I am having a chemical pregnancy? Sometimes I get headaches or feel like I'm going to be nauseous. For the past 2 or 3 mornings my stomach hurts, like it's on empty. Like I am starving after "just" waking up. I am STILL having cramps, sometimes it gets worse just because of having to go #2 or having gas. I had more loose stools before and the past 2 days or so they have been more like constipation.

Still have no idea what is going on! It is so frustrating!

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