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May 16, 2012 - 0 comments

This is my 2nd tracker.
I changed the 3 high temps that were right after my af. And now my FAM looks better.
I had a + opk on sunday. So I Oed either sunday night or monday.
We only BDed on sunday night. Hopefully that's enough.
I am 2dpo and my LP is usually only 9 or 10 days, which I've read is bad. Anyway, I'm going to be sure to have my doctor check my progestrone if it turns out we conceived.

MaGiCaL OvArY MaChiNe

9dpo 2nd tracker

Jan 11, 2012 - 1 comments

I know I entered a 9dpo post yesterday.

I just wanted to note that late last night, somewhere between 7-9pm, I checked my cervix and there was a tinge of pink.
My cervix was closed and it was low at least since tuesday afternoon. The pink was barely there. Then this morning it was more on the barely brown side. Both times it was BARELY there. It was just a little easier to see on white toilet paper. My cervix still felt closed this morning.
Maybe AF is coming. Don't know right now.
My temp this morning was 97.71, 97.91(on the left side, which I was sleeping on), took it on the right again and it was 97.75, then checked left again and it was 97.79. So I decided to stick with 97.75.

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Jan 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Temp this morning was 97.78 the first time, right afterward was 97.91, then 97.88, then 97.95. I decided to stick with 97.88 since it was about in the middle. Also I started taking my temp at 5:50 and 97.88 was closer to 6a.
My cervix feels high and usually medium. I still have been using opks. They are negative but there is still a faint test line. I figured it would be stark white by now, because thats how it happened the first and second cycle after getting the mirena out.
I had a strange dream about seeing some kind of medical xrays? or something like it. Anyway it was something that determined I was having a boy and I couldn't wait to tell my husband in the dream. BUT that probably means we'll have a girl because they say you have the opposite of what you dream?? lol. At some point we were driving down the highway at night? but I couldn't see the car we were in? I guess we were flying? I don't know, it was a strange dream.
I had a weird feeling in my left breast last night, for a few minutes. Then a bit later I had the same feeling in the right.
It's hard to determine if my nips are more sensitive or not. They usually are already sensitive.
Going to try to test on thursday, 10dpo.

Today is also my birthday ☺

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CD12 -opks now

Jan 02, 2012 - 0 comments

I took 2 opks today and both have been negative. The test line was more like the opks from thursday and friday.
I have had the twingy crampy feeling today but not as bad as yesterday. At 12:40pm I had a sharp kind of pain for like a minute? I don't know if that was bowel related or not.
I'm hoping my temp goes up tomorrow, because if not, then I'm going to be worried about something being wrong with me.
My cervix is definitely high and soft. My uterus feels kind of swollen? Kind of tender but not sore.
I don't know.
Hopefully my temp is good tomorrow!!

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