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I AM ANGRY!!! %$£"£"   opioid induced Hyperalgesia

Mar 05, 2014 - 3 comments

No wonder i'm in so much pain and have been for year's, i now know what i have besides 'PAWS' It's  OPIOID INDUCED HYPERALGESIA!!!!! :-( Its the pain receptor's am neurons in your brain are damaged or killed off by OPIATE PAINKILLERS or and OPIATE you take or use. Its murder!!!! that's the cause or CHRONIC PAIN Hyperalgesia - means too much pain .

PSYCHOSIS .....psychosis:any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted. And Suicide is a danger with this as well as Chronic depression mentally unbalanced, Panic disorder, character changes, mood swings from hell, paranoia from hell and a 1,000 other problems???? And OXYCODONE AND OXCONTIN are the worse drugs for caussing this??

I am ANGRY!!!!! I kept telling the Doctor's the OXY was making it worse and i never had certain things wrong before the oxy? But they just kept putting the dose up??? This has been know about for YEAR'S!!! Its not something new and ANYONE that's been or is on OPIATES of any kind may well end up in the same hell as me and probably billion's are already?? No wonder 'CHRONIC PAIN'' is now an 'EPIDEMIC??' The ******* 'PAINKILLER'S ARE CAUSING IT!!???

There is drug free info on how to repair the Opiate and pain receptor's in your brain this is just one

'How to Restore Opiate Receptors'

Buy herbal supplement blends that are proven to help treat addiction. Polygala, a chinese herbal remedy, has been called the willpower herb because of the positive effects it's had on treating hardcore addictions, its stress-relieving properties and its ability to help increase the healthy balance of chemicals in the brain. This herb naturally detoxifies the body and helps cleanse opiate receptors.

Try using a Bupleurum and Dragonbone supplement mixture. During opiate withdrawal and detox, this herbal supplement has been found to help stabilize addictive behavior or compulsiveness and reduce the severity of withdrawal while dulling the cravings for opiates. This supplemental blend also naturally cleanses the proteins that make up opiate receptors.

Restore opiate receptors by abstaining from opiate usage. Over time the receptor proteins will regenerate and become normal again. This amount of time will fluctuate, depending upon the person's history of opiate usage. It could take as little as a couple of weeks or last longer than one year, depending on the severity of the addiction.

I also read else where that Tyrosine, an Amino Acid, is oe of the best things to help and i have been taking that as part of my self help boy rebuild protocol. And some other thing's i am using are also good. Vit C ascorbic acid, this has to be taken in Mega Doses, Vit E also in mega doses.

Aswagandha  is also good and Valerian. Passionflower. theses are for anxiety and insomnia etc. But a good Amino acid protocol and also Niacin or Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Animal protein as well eat meat that's also needed. And I am using HEMP PROTEIN POWDER as you can put that in or on anything. I have had to go on Lyrica to get some relief from the unreal pain i got BUT i am only takin the for 5 day's then stop as THEY ARE ADDICTIVE. Doctors will tell you their not but the are!!

And the WD's from the is worse than Opiate WD's. And i read a Doctors website that said they have known about this for yaer's? So why the hell are they still prescribing these drugs???? And ti sort out Neuron's and stuff takes ages!! I know the last time i stopped ALL the painkiller's and got the Diazapam down to the low dose   as possible at the time as i was on a very high dose. I am now on 7.5mgs as i am tapering off them. I am going to ring my Doctor and have a word and a bit more than a word!!!


Mar 03, 2014 - 0 comments



Mar 03, 2014 - 7 comments

Feeling terible and it hurts to move and my breathing iis not good. pain dreaful i hurts to lay down or be anywhere at all CANT TYPE LONG ENOUGH TO SAY WHAT BUT I AM IN A MESS

Quote from ''Alice in Wonderland''

Feb 28, 2014 - 1 comments

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'

Read it and smiled tiz' truly a gift to laugh at 'one's self' when your healing and taking full responsibility for your body and mind. When did the generations before us forget that GOD doesn't make mistakes but self healing bodies and 'Medicine'' to help the healing from the same ground we're made from? Not some 'Lab' were Animal's suffer hell in the name of 'Medicine? If i had been born ;ADULT'' there is no way i would ever taken a Man made 'Invention?' instead of 'Creation' which is in and of us all?

But i wasn't and the 'Adults' fell for the Brain wash and we ALL became victims?? a child believes it's parents will never harm it many parent's followed blindly in to 'A pill for all yours and your CHILDREN'S ILLS?? The same people that as you got older if they found any pill's you had and they were off a DR but they never got the prescription, it was given to you at the DR's. would freak out, make 'YOUR ON DRUG'S!!! Accusations but it was OK when they knew a DR gave it to you?

So a person with a piece of paper to prove their 'Memory' is better than some one else whose more interested in people as a whole and NOT a 'One size fits all label'' fail's to pass? And why when 'Granny' could cure ANYTHING be going to the garden and cupboard and give you what's meant to be in our bodies and give our body what it meed's to CURE it not COVER up ever worsening symptoms . Even bring people 'Back from the dead' with out machinery and injection's of foreign substances in to our bodies get ignored?

X'ray's? Look what happened to 'Marie Currie' you'd think after seeing the 'Inventor' of radio activity die horribly from it THAT would have bee a huge warning it's dangerous ad needs A never to be used ever again or B it has it's uses but until we know how to make it 1000,000,000,000,000% for use on and around (if we ever could at all?) all living things?

EG: ....ECG's, since they were 'Invented' more people 'THAN EVER' are actually dieing than being saved? and for every successful operatio how many have DIED or ended up in insufferable agony? A least the DR i have now is 'Anti Op' unless your life is 2 thirds in to a Coffin and even then he DOES tell you all the 'Cons' and 99.9 of the time are so not worth the risk? I just wish it was like THAT when it comes to Drugs, there is ''NO WARNING'' at all.
say's Alice??????