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Audrey Nicole's Birth Story

Oct 18, 2009 - 1 comments

birth story

Everything started at 6:00am on Tuesday October 13, 2009. I was up at 6am with Braxton hicks every 5-7minutes apart but didn't think much of it since that was the usual for the past few days leading up to the 13th. I went to wake up my 7yr old and 5yr old for school. I went down stairs to make their breakfast and something for me just in case. I guess in the back of my head I figured I better eat something because more than likely I wouldn't be able to eat till I gave birth. As I was making breakfast my Braxton hicks became more like period cramps. They were still manageable and was timing them to every 5minutes. I went upstairs and told my husband "I don't think I want you to go to work today". I went to take a shower, blow dried my hair, put on some make-up and started putting aside my last minute things for my hospital bag. We said bye to the kids at their bus stop then called my midwife and she said to head down to the hospital just to be checked. She asked if my water had broken or if I had any bloody show but I didn't and never had that with any of my 2 kids. Once I got to the hospital with my hubby they checked me first in a little room and I was 5cm dilated and completely thinned out. They then moved me to labor and delivery room. My mother got there shortly after. My midwife wasn't there until a couple of hours later because she had been at the hospital all night and morning so since I was dilating fast I had to ask for an epidural for the pain. They were getting so intense and was waiting for my antibiotics to be in my system before I started pushing. I had to finish two bags of those through my IV. They broke my water around 2pm. I figured I rather ask for the epidural since I would need it for the next day anyway since I was schedule to have my tubal ligation procedure the next morning at 12:30pm. They broke my water around 2pm. At 5pm I started pushing. Audrey Nicole P. made her grand entrance to the world at 5:14pm. My midwife placed my baby right on my tummy like I had asked on my birth plan. It was sooo emotional that I started crying with my baby. She was perfect. I only had to get a few stitches. Overall everything went so well and like I had planned. Now I’m just recovering and luckily for me I got to have my hubby home helping me for a week and hopefully will have my mother here for the week after my husband goes back to work.


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Can I take advil for headaches??? Is it safe when pregnant????

Pregnancy Tracker

Does anyone dream babys & then someone ends up preggo?

Feb 10, 2009 - 18 comments




Okay so lately every time I dream that I'm pregnant or have a newborn in my hands(in my dreams) someone I know ends up pregnant. First it was my sister in law. I dreamed that I was leaking breast milk and then my husband handed my a little boy. woke up the next day and told my husbad, someone is pregnant or is gonna get prenant. Sure enouogh, my sister in law gave us the news like one or two weeks later. She had a little boy. Well a couple of weeks ago I dreamed that I had a little boy and I told my sister not to tell my mom. My best friend call me and without her telling me first, out of the blues I said "Your pregnant aren't you?" She was so suprised cause I went off topic and was so weird. She said yeah I am. Wow.... So strange. It's like God tells me when he's sending little angels around me. Love baby dreams♥

So weird??????

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I don't understand my chart at all. Can't even tell when I ovulated... Maybe I didn't even ovulate this month....