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New Beginnings 2014

Feb 23, 2014 - 1 comments

high blood pressure




Weight gain



Today is my first day of joining this weight loss tracker site. I know my last weight as of about 3 weeks ago was at 297lbs   As of feb 18th i started this plexus slim and accelerater. Im not sure if it will truely help me or not but im willing to try anything at this point!!
Ive been on the drs meds for weight loss several times and nothing seems to help and im also on meds for anxiety and
sometimes those cause weight gain as well.
The plexus slim says you can eat what ever you like and still lose weight ..will it??? I really dont know. im hoping so but it as well is high in price . its supose to be good for you for anxiety and blood suger levels and everything blood pressure to. I have anxiety and high blood pressure so im crossing my fingers this really work.
Today  will be my 6th day on it so im actually just starting . I really need to lose weight so that im healthier and can hopefully get my blood pressure down as well.

Ill be keeping up every week or so with post on everything so PRAYERS PLEASE...