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Smell of success

Apr 10, 2014 - 4 comments

if u could feel what ive felt
u wouldnt wana feel the pain
if u could think what ive thought
u  wouldnt wana think the same
if u sought out  what ive seen
u wouldnt wana watch as he lay claim

the beast within is blind
no worries  of  your stuggle
or even  your frame of mind
its   #1 task is 2 undermine
flex his muscles while u stive 2 uncouple
this my friend is how the drug is designed

it possess your possessions
robs u of who u are
limits your discretions
lose your money like ppl buying dinar
obsession converts to depression
b4 u know it your sleepin in your car

now hearing what ive heard
i hear im the one 2 blame
if u could taste the success im tasting
u also would lose your shame
with time your senses align
in the end its 1 big head game  

Breaking out

Apr 08, 2014 - 11 comments

Was stuck in a scene
living in the trends with hopeless dead ends
it now feels like  it was a dream
blame myself  but also my friends
diaster started with a surgical seam
life great 2 life  thru a  lens

had ambitions n goals
barried like the dead sea scrolls
lost jobs broke without hope
went from using 2 sellin some dope
felt like a mole diggin holes running from patrols
fearless nope living a slippery slope

money was fast i surely got ***
everyday a new date
thinkin i was the teacher in class
or the head of the state
sand falls thru the hr glass
times running out so  i need a new slate
feeling like bait i decided get strait

miss ppl im close to
cause  none of them are around
fell like they washed away like shampoo
im no longer stuck  in the ground
not living the taboo my life is in view
adding dirt by the day that hole's becoming a mound

tried and true

Apr 04, 2014 - 4 comments

We fear the unknow
thru trials and tribulations weve grown
although im  living and learning
i cant stop yearning
of what opportunites ive blown

now the  ball is rolling
heading towards obstacles were  bowling
learning how to cope
even if we dont get that strike
gotta get back up on that bike
best to be free from dope
than living life with soap on a rope

whether your new 2 the game
or have years full of shame
we need 2 shed our skin from the past
and begin 2 reclaim
who u were and know who u became
its not my first but i hope its my last
everything in life is set 2 be surpassed

now bearing some tools
i find myself inna roar
settin myself rules
unlike b4
claws dug in im still in school
cause mama didnt raise no fool!!!

New leaf

Mar 22, 2014 - 8 comments

stopped looking for reasons
now im telling myself why
indicted myself of treason
for no longer can i hide

ran as if i was being chased
denied everyones acquistions
bathed lonely in my haste
thru  supicion  turned into my submission
so repercussions i must face

From dark dark days i now see the light
even if its a twinkle i dont dare lose the sight
plenty obstacles i now must overcome
living fairly normally to living like a scum
now i fight no longer living life numb

strive to make a difference
not knowing where i belong
im now on the offence
something i could no longer prolong

today i smile as if im full of glee
knowing my wrongs
ive turned into my own referee
left wondering if it all started with da bong