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crazy week..i missed you MH!!

Dec 05, 2009 - 3 comments

this week has just been BLOCKED MEDHELP!!!...i been using MH there for almost 2 years through google so they couldnt see it and all of a sudden they picked this wonderful website to block??...haters! was really slow and boring...thank you mother nature! aunt dee dee been with my uncle for 25 years and decided to get married at court house on friday.. this weekend also marks the one year that we found my grandma on the floor, we brought her to the hospital but she never came friday at her "wedding" was espically hard for everyone..i miss you grandma! =( ..... today is saturday and i should be attending the funeral to my other grandma, she passed away wednesday of this in peace leona.....i dont think im strong enough to go today.... today is the exact day that we found my other grandma on the floor, watching them put a tube down her throat in her bedroom and  then carry her away, i cant even write this with out breaking down..... why te same day?...god has been sending me messages all week.... every single new movie, new album release, any event around here seems to be on the 18th of december, thats all i hear on radio and on tv everyday....thats the day my grandma passed away last year..... why all these signs?....what is he trying to tell me.....

so my week hasnt been great.... instead of saying i miss you grandma i now must make that plural.....i miss you grandma's....i know god is up there taking good care of both of you......

thanks for listenin.... gunna go get a good cry in now.....pms and sadness stink!

theme parks open on christmas???

Dec 01, 2009 - 5 comments

does any one know if theme parks like disney?sea world? universal? are open on christmas??... i think i wanan go there for christmas this year instead of being home and upset about missing my grandma

soo my bday suxs so far!!

Nov 10, 2009 - 14 comments

i know im grown and dont really expect much for my bdays anymore. but this year i really wanted my blackberry and my parents usually just get me one big they decided they were going to give me some money and if they didnt come up with the whole amount (400 they are divorced) i would put in the difference, no big deal. my dad called me on friday and told me that he had money for me so i could get my phone, so i called the store and put the last one on hold ( they are hard to get your hands on one right now)....then my dad called me back a few hours later and said that he couldnt do it that day that he would have to wait till the following week ( my bday is still a week away, but i know his witch wife complained about it like everything else) BUT that was the last phone, so my mom gave me her half (200) and i paid the other half my dad was supposed to pay...ok My sister, her bf, my step dad and I were supposed to go to a concert this up coming saturday for my bday, she said she got the tickets and we were going, then called me a few days ago saying that he bf couldnt afford his ticket ($30) and that we werent going anymore cause he couldnt...ummmm HELLO??? your baby sister (24) and you (37) cant hang out with me for a few hours with out your BF???....seriously?!?!....then yesterday i talked to my "BFF" and she was supposed to be picking a place to go out for my bday( i havent been out in over a year cause i would rather  sit home with my hubby) she says she is going out with another friend because her bday was the previous weekend and my BFF didnt feel good so she postponed her bday just so danielle (my bff) could go.....ok fine then we were SUPPOSED to do a big girls night out, we all know each other, we have all gone out MANY MANY times....BUT the other gurl says she just wants it to be "her. jayde and danielle"....and MY BFF says "i cant sell her out for her bday" .......LMFAO this is a joke right?????? thats my dad, my sister and now my BFF?????.........what did i do this year to deserve this???? i thought i was a GREAT girl!!!......everyday has been another let down....

oh lets not forget to mention that i have to go to the doctor tomorrow for this HUGE cyst i have on my tailbone and i can barely sit down prolly going to get a small surgery...AND should be getting my period today (tmi but oh well!).. ok im going to go cry me when my bday is OVER!

ANYBODY know about cysts???

Nov 09, 2009 - 5 comments

PLEASSSSE SOMEONE HELP ME!!.... i have this cyst on the end of my tailbone.... ITS KILLING ME!!!..... im going to the doctor on wednesday....think they are going to drain it or whatever but im FREAKED OUT!!!.... i know its going to hurt after im sure...and i might not be able to really sit.....

anybody ??? anything??...helppppp