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the z pack antibiotic??

May 14, 2011 - 8 comments

i went to the ER twice this week for dizziness, i have a bad sinus infection so they prescribed me the z pack, today is the 2nd day taking it and im feeling like im in the freakin i dont know if it the dizziness i was feeling before or the meds.....has anyone taking these before?....most people swear by them , but did you feel "in the clouds"

most cold pills make me feel like im floating.........i just feeel so weird!

say PRAYERS for my DAD today...

May 10, 2011 - 21 comments

i havent wrote about this, but a few months back my dad went to dentist and they found a few "grey" spot on his gums. they scared us when they said they think its cancer, and it was so far into the bone my dad was put on a liquid diet right away and was told if he bite down on something in the wrong way that his jaw would break. so my dad has not been eating solid food for a few weeks now and is down to the size he was when he was  a senior in highschool. he lost alot of weight. after they did the biopsy they said it was just a bad cyst, and stay on liquid diet due to the poor condition of the jaw bone.

today, in about an hour or so he is getting surgery to correct this....they have to cut the outside of his face open, pull it back so his mandible , bottom jaw, is exposed, they will take his bone out and put in cadiver (sp??) bone and a metal plate. and remove the rest of his teeth. he will be under for 3 or 4 hours and im very scared for this.

my dad does have a heart problem, and im just really scared for him to be under that long......

please say some prayers for my dad that he gets through this surgery safely and everything goes freaking out!

oh lord please wrap your arms around my dad and lead him to safety thru this time of need, he needs your support and you strenght. please let everything go well and my dad come out without and problems......

osama bin laden is dead!

May 01, 2011 - 195 comments

omg they finally got him.....almost ten years later......

how do you feel?

so sorry jackson...see you on the other side

Apr 28, 2011 - 3 comments

my poor baby boy is unlikely to make it thru the night. its been a great 21 years will you my love,dont be scared loved ones are waiting for so sorry i couldnt make you live another 60 years.......i love you and will miss you so wuch words cant explain, who is going to be waiting for me by the door when i get home?? who is going to bite the hell outta my leg when they are hungry?who is going to jump in the bathtub before i could get in there???.....its going to be hard, but i wouldnt changed anything about you, you are the best cat ever!

luna(left) and jackson(right) in the bathtub.....