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billboard in miami

May 21, 2010 - 140 comments

i was driving on i95 the other day and i saw this billboard....i had 2 exit and get back on just to see it and take a pic...

what do you think?...causing alot of issues around here...alot of people calling the news.... calling radio stations....and getting offended....

surgery in 2 days...i asked god..this is what he said...LOOK!!!

Apr 28, 2010 - 28 comments

most of you know im getting surgery in 2 days and im REALLY scared!.... i was feeling better, and then everytime i think about it... i start sweating, stomach starts doing flips and i just feel sick.... i know its hard to not be nervous but jeeeez!!...

so i was standing outside and i was talkign to god... i asked him to just please give me sign that this was the right thing to do and that i would be ok....just then i looked into the sky and this is what i saw (the pic).... do you see it???

there was not a plane it sight(i looked cause i thought i was crazy).... it was deff a sign from my lord and savior...he is telling me that it will be ok... but im still VERY nervous. i know he has me in his hands and now its all up to him.....

wishme luck and not to much pain after!!...xoxox Kristyn..

p.s. thank you lord....i love you

thanks medhelp!..pic attached!..... my pilonidal cyst!!

Apr 15, 2010 - 24 comments

sooo most of you know medhelp kept taking down my pic of my pilonidal cyst that i been trying to post to get some answers to my questions!....most of you have been very helpful and i thank you!!...and thanks emily and medhelp for letting put up my butt pic!!!

surgery is on april 30th!.....send a prayer my way! guys really made me feel better!....thanks again!!!

APRIL 30th!...please pray for me!

Apr 08, 2010 - 27 comments

so surgery is set for April FREAKED OUT!.....

gotta get this cyst removed from my tailbone of my butt cheeks..pilonidal cyst to be exact...did i mention im freaked out??

the whole being put to down throat....and the aftercare is NOT going to be fun....they are going to leave a OPEN wound there for about 8 weeks.... prolly the size of a golfball! (maybe not so big but big enough).... uggg.... are you freaked out yet??

so i have 20 days or so to freakin stress about this even though im trying not too.... these are supposed to be great surgerons, highly recommended, in boca raton, florida (big money area, i dont live there lol)....

please say some prayers for me and a speedy not so painful freaked out and scared .....i never had to get surgery before.....any advice would be great appriciated!...thanks!