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First One!

Mar 10, 2009 - 0 comments








this is my first -official- journal entry , im still learning how to use this website . im trying to find out how to ask a question i have sooo manny!!
Health wise : today my acne is reallly bothering me! my skin is dry and its at a point where there isnt any makeup that can hide it!. my skin is dry and just ...ew! idk how to control it anymore! im not sure if its cuz of the immuran or the pred i was on a few months ago.

My ibd: well. thats doing fine ...too fine. i havent heard from my bowels in almost 3days. ( if u know wat i mean! ;)  )
i dont like this beacause i keep thinking that its ripping through my intesetines .. which it is tottally not ! , cuz i would feel it ! im always worried about my ibd .. i should relax!

xoxo - yur fav Marshmallow!