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bad breath and nose smell when u eat certain foods

Jan 04, 2012 - 0 comments

have bad breath and bad smell in my nose but it helps to rinse my nose and avoid certain types of food i just kept looking up peoples answers and it makes big diffrence no meat,grains,sugar and no dairy at all, rinse my nose everyday.the way i read we are suppost to rinse like this get on the bed face up tilt head and use a dropper and fill up your nose with clean saltwater nose rinse from any drug store rinse half bottle(4oz) in each nostrill and im also using these chinese nose drops 1 in each nostril before i rinse it helps open my nose and breath better and more water fits in to help clean my nose and remember i did all this with gods help sometimes bad things happen so we can be better people hope it works for u if it doesnt than you may have something diffrent

I tried this and it helped!

Feb 09, 2010 - 0 comments

by help_me_please112, Feb 02, 2010 04:37PM
To: All
Dear fellow sufferers,

I have found another cure for the feces smell that is coming from our sinuses. The medicine that worked for me is Fluconazole 150MG. My doctor initially thought I had a bacterial sinus infection. However, after prescribing the most powerful antibiotics in the market, she reasoned that it cannot a bacterial sinus infection since I didn't get any better. Therefore, doctor decided to explore another possibility. She decided to explore the possibility that it might be a yeast sinus infection. She prescribed me the most effective antifungal medicine in the market which is fluconazole 150MG. I took two pills and this pretty much cured my feces smell. In addition to curing my feces smell, it also cured my running nose and nasal congestion. Well, this is just another medicine that worked for me. By the way, never take fluconazole 150MG without a doctor's prescription.

Good luck!

Still dont know what to do!!

Aug 26, 2009 - 1 comments

It could be acid reflrex look up the symptoms ...

I found this I dont know who he is or how to get a hold of him hope this helps!

May 05, 2009 - 5 comments

How I cured my fecal bad breath odor, you can too

I think this is what I have  do you know what probiotics are?

Background – Fecal BB, started in highschool. Now, 22 in last yr of College. Been suffering for about 7 yrs. Took a lot of antibiotics during preteen and teen yrs . I believe this is what impaired my immune and digestive system. Was treated for Hpylori and Acid Reflux in late teens but didn’t help with Fecal BB.

Feel your pain – I have experienced the same things you are. My Fecal BB could fill up a room. The who farted comments, the it smells like ****, people opening windows, covering noses etc. I however never had Nasal BB or Body odor, it was only Fecal BB when I talked. I have pretty much spent the last years of my life not talking to people other than family. School has been very tough but I’m proud of myself for hanging in there.

Nothing helped- I have tried it all- Threelac, Therabreath, Tri oral, Cholorphyll, etc You name it – I have tried it. My room is like a mini pharmacy. I have been treated for acid reflux, hpylori, and nothing helped.

Other symptoms – Constant bloating and cramps, IBS – constipation, Heartburn, bad skin, heart burn, white tongue etc. Chronic infections – Would always get a sore throat and painful ear ache whenever I binged on sugary/junk foods.

Breakthrough - I decided a few months ago that I would try EXTREMELY hard to cure this problem for once and for all, and do whatever it takes. I spent hours each day doing research. Learning as much as possible, reading all the success stories. A major breakthrough was realizing that even though it was chronic, it was much worse at certain times than others. Which got me thinking hard and realizing that the times it was worse was when I had eaten Red Meat, Dairy, Eggs or Beans. This was a major Breakthrough and eliminating these foods have been key, as well as doing other things. Towards the beginning of my diet, I also eliminated Fish and Chicken but I have added them back recently and still no Fecal BB.

Candida? - I was starting to doubt that Candida was a real problem because nothing I took for it worked and the diet seemed impossible. Then I remembered reading that someone cured their odor by taking a really large dosage of probiotics. They experienced die off symptoms and their odor went away. This person had fecal BO, not BB. But I decided to try it too, I took triple the dosage of a good probiotic and boy oh boy did I experience die off symtoms. It felt like a really bad hangover, Bad headache/dizziness but it went away after a few days and I have had such a different/cleaner taste in my mouth since then. I am now a believer in Candida/yeast overgrowth.

Steps to Take –

1) STOP Right away Right now – ALL Dairy, Red Meat, Egg and Beans (As well as any high sulfur/ smelly foods)

2) If Candida/yeast is a problem – Stop All sugars, junk and Alcohol.

3) Probiotics – Find a good probiotic, and take double or triple the dosage. Use what you feel is effective for you. Our digestive systems are in much worse conditions than others so our bodies require more. Remember the BB is a symptom.

4) Constipation – Work towards becoming more regular. You want to have at least 1 bowel movement a day. Taking blended flaxseed with some fruit and drinking lots of water has helped in keeping me regular. Plus it is important to regularly flush out all the toxins in your body.

5) Supplements – Take Calcium/Magnesium, Zinc, B Complex, Niacin, Double dosage of Vitamin C, and Biotin is said to help with Candida.

6) Digestive Enzymes – are a must. We need help with digesting foods so it’s a good idea to take this with every meal.

7) Antifungal – If Candida/yeast is a problem take a form of antifungal in either Grape Seed Extract, Garlic, Pau d’ Arco etc. I personally drink the Pau d’Arco tea.

Now I’m Fecal BB Free, I’m able to talk to people, make new friends, going out. The people who used to cover their noses now get in my face with zero reactions. It’s SURREAL.

Conclusion – My conclusion is our digestive system is significantly impaired and is the main cause of the Fecal BB. While I do not know exactly how or why it causes this problem in some people, I do believe that resolving the problems by putting back Good bacteria, killing yeast overgrowth, using digestive enzymes and regularizing bowel moments will help cure this problem.

I didn’t want to believe Candida was a real problem either but I now do. But I noticed I ALWAYS suffered from sore throats and ear infections within 24 hour of binging on junk foods. The constant bloating and cramping has now 100% stopped. I even binged on some junk foods a few days ago and I experienced zero discomfort. Please let me know if you have any questions. There is hope out there for every single one of us. Keep believing and know that God is ALWAYS faithful. I cry and hurt sometimes thinking about all the lost years, never going to prom, etc but I’m just VERY grateful to have my life back and to start LIVING life.