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Something good.

Feb 14, 2010 - 0 comments

Who knew that after a year of immense turmoil, the following year could get progressively worse? I'm really sick of this. Tomorrow will be better, is has to be, right? Yeah, wrong.

Stupid me. I honestly thought nothing else bad could happen after the toll 2009 had on me. I was not correct there, folks.

*warning, I may rant. Leave now if you don't want to see it*

The 2010 year began with my friend almost killing himself. The following week, one of my best friends, practically my brother, was killed in a car accident. A week after that, another friend was hit by a car on her way to school. A day later, another good friend died in a car accident. His girlfriend was pregnant, and I'm still close to her. She lost her baby a few days later from prolific stress. Maybe a week ago, I lost a good friend due to an overdose and cardiac arrest in the hospital.

Now my parents are on the brink of getting a divorce. My dad tried to kick me out yesterday.

I'm working my booty off trying to get into this school for the arts. I'm taking care of my family, since my dad hates my guts and my mom's too busy with her own life to care.

My grades aren't slipping or anything. In fact, they couldn't be better. But my headaches are getting worse, to the point where I can't stand without swaying or getting dizzy, I blank/black out, get confused, can't sleep. So school's getting hard.

Trying to get a job.

I'm not complaining. I just wish things would lighten up. I'm still a kid. I want to enjoy what's left of my youth.

I'm done. I'll rant more later.



Reading my poem.

Feb 07, 2010 - 3 comments

No viruses and whatnot. Tell me what you think??

What do you want most out of life?

Jan 21, 2010 - 4 comments

My friend asked me this today: What do you want most out of life? I thought about it for the longest time.. and I finally came up two things:

Love and stability.

My family is neither loving, nor stable. Neither is my town. I've been missing those two things an awful lot my whole life and I think once I figure out how to let love in, how to trust people, I can make my life better. Stability is just reassuring.

So, I ask youuu... what do you want most out of life?

The Way She Feels

Jan 01, 2010 - 5 comments

So last night was really fun. When I got home around 1:30, I got on Facebook and started talking to my friend. I knew something was wrong just by the way he was talking. Finally he said that he felt like cutting, felt like killing himself.

Long long long story short, I stayed up until 6 making sure he was okay and that he felt a little better. I've done this before with other friends, but it was different. Maybe because it's the start of the new year. Maybe it's the fact that exactly one year ago, my friend stayed up with me for days on end making sure I was still alive.

It's nice.

The Way She Feels - Between The Trees;