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Back at it again..

Jan 31, 2010 - 0 comments

Well wouldnt say its failure but maybe set aside is the better phrase for it.  I managed to get through all of xmas and the new year without falling off the wagon and going up in dosage at all just I was not able to go down any further either due some major stressers that came about over the holidays.  I honestly am lucky I hung on and stayed without falling into the abyss I was at before.  So back at it again, shouldnt be hard to come down now from where i am.  Been on a lowdosage for long time now, so body isnt looking for the 300 mg it used to have all the time.  Do get the symptoms if go past any of the three 10mg doses  I take in a day.  The sweats ect start a little bit.  Anyway thanks to all that were concerned looking for me, i am back and fighting the fight again. Didnt lose just had a berak is all lol  and never not once did i go over my 30 mgs at any time, But thanks to those who msg'd me are the reason in my email to come back to the site and get back at it and not put ot off any longer.  I love you all , your amazing!!   thanks for the gentle nudge back to the site from you all     HUGS!!! Yous Rock!!

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Still Hangin in

Dec 12, 2009 - 0 comments

Well its been a few days since I updated and did a journal...and one of my new online friends reminded me today as that how they  check on me lol...So here goes
Feeling a little more human actually now..still follwoing Taper and am ahead of where the schedule would of had me so that is good I think.
I have had alot and I mean alot of triggers lately that I am surprised myself that I have not fallen off whatsoever...I do feel alittle stuck that I have not gone lower yet in dose but I am working on it...At least its not gone up..staying at the place in the taper is better then falling off and taking like I used too ...Yesterday did a lot of outside work, snow removal...over a meter in one night fell...the air was good and helped me moving which I had an issue doing lately.  Today I am going to do some housework/laundry, pull out christmas tree, and do some de cluttering of the energy is returning but we will see how long it lasts..sleep is better, once body adjusted to the 10mg doses every six hours I have been sleeping 11 at night till at least 5 but more 6-7 am...without any sweats or anything...I think tapering is working for me..seems I may have the will power as it is seeming to work...

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Down to 40mg a day from 300 mg

Dec 08, 2009 - 2 comments

Yesterday was rough, today feels little better so far but I am not counting on that staying that way...actually got some sleep lastnight, Took last dose of ten mg at 11pm when I woke with all the wd's raging..thats not bad cuz it was 6.5 hrs in between again so keeping the more then four its says alittle ahead of taper actually. I fell asleep round 9:30pm for first time in forever and woke once just at the 11 for my pills..then right back to sleep and slept till 6am...8.5 hours of sleep wow..thats a first..and 8.5 between doses...took my first dose for today at 6am when got up..its now three hours later and not feeling too bad..yestreday by thes time i was already counting hours till next dose..not so bad with that today...but its still early..could go back to being like yesterday again yet..and it was a hell day yesterday so hope not!!

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This *****!!!

Dec 07, 2009 - 0 comments

finally got my tracker fixed...on right date ect lol..
I have taken another small step down in the last couple days..50 mg for the day to now tryiing for 40 for a full taper is at a stage now wehre its broke into 10mg I am trying for only4 doses but the wd's are fighting me every step of the way..its hard to focus on anything today..writting, reading, nothing works easier at moment...I am past the allowed time for the dose at the moment so that could be why...trying so hard to stretch out the length inbetween! Last dose lastnight was 9pm...didnt wake and need any till 4am, 7 hours...then made it till 9:30, 5.5 hrs, not as long but harder when awake and not sleeping..all the usual symptoms, hot/cold, sweats, axious...last dose at 9:30am so been only 4.5..allowed at 4hr mark but tryiing to wait...took an ativan instead to try and stretch it out more...I think now that the lower doses are starting my body is starting react and realize what I aam doing lol...god it is hard!!
today is first day that it has been this intense...Guess its a big drop from the 250-300mg a day i was taking...thats something at least!
Well finally at 5 pm I take my next one..dont think can go further than that... that puts 7.5 OF AWAKE HOURS IN BETWEEN....finally...but god i am dyin at same time.....(sniff sniff)

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