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So much to do

Mar 30, 2009 - 0 comments



Body hurts


need a job


on edge


feeling judged by others

Oh goodness I have so much to do. My house is a wreck yet I cant get up to clean it... I need to get a job because we need it to live our life style. Yet I haven't picked up one application..
I'm tired of hurting the one I love and care for most.Everyday my attitude or actions hurt or **** him off and we end up in some ridiculous fight... And 90% of the time I am hurt, saddened, sorry, and ashamed to have created the whole incident with whatever I did... Not pissed off like Scotty thinks...
I miss Heidi... I hear her wimper..And I miss having her greet me with so much love when I come home...

Story Of My ife