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Sneezing and Coughing (April 3rd - current)

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itchy nose

March 3rd: I have been sneezing often.

March 4th: The coughing probably started because my friends and I had the bright (although fun) idea to go play/run in the freezing cold pouring rain for a few minutes in nothing but shorts & a tank top (no shoes). Coughing is mostly due to my throat feeling stuffy just above where the chest bone.

March 5th: Nostrils are itchy. Still sneezing. Coughing has become more common after about 7PM.

Cough, Severe Migraine, Nausea - March 4th - 5th 2014

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Severe Migraines




stomach virus

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
       A cough that worsened as it got later in the day followed by a massive migraine that made me feel like my head was exploding and was massively worse when I cleared my throat or coughed. It got worse and kept me from sleeping most of the night. I don't remember the pain stopping nor how I possibly fell asleep.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
    The migraine is gone as well as the cough but there was nausea.

I went to the DeWees (sp?) medical center on campus. I was told that I possibly had the flu which I thought it was because my roommate had been sick and said everyone at her work had been too.  However, I was told that I probably fought the flu off overnight and that what I probably had now was a stomach virus that had been going around.

Sudden All over Joint Pain (March 8, 2014 - April 5, 2014/current)

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Joint Pain





    March 7th, I returned to my parents for the weekend to find my nephew was using my heater and used a multitude of blankets to keep warm that night. My cat often sleeps between my feet causing my legs to be bowed when I slept.  When I woke up the next morning with sore knees, I believed this with the help of the blankets pressing down was the cause.  Over the next week, I continued to feel sore and have pain in my knees when lifting them straight up such as to climb steps.  It moved to my left elbow which also only felt pain during the same mid-range of motion. My upper back also became sore and was painful when I leaned forward such as to sit up from bed. The back pain was the worst that weekend.  The pains persisted in my upper-back, elbow and especially my knees which were at their worst during the next week (the week of St. Patty's). I went home again that weekend for the entirety of the next week and slowly the pains left. However, I still had soreness in my left knee and elbow. I bought centrum women's multivitamin and began taking it during this week. On the 30th, I noticed pain in my wrists after being on the computer for awhile.  The wrist pain occurs now whenever I spend awhile at the computer, my elbow gains the same soreness when holding up my iPod while reading from it in bed and my knees become sore whenever I sit for a while, especially Indian style.

Severe infection? &/or Shock? (5+ yrs ago, lasted 5 days)

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     I stepped on a tiny piece of glass at the faire grounds when my sandal broke. It didn't break the skin but did dig through a bit of my callous such that I could see red through the skin leftover.  I had a severe nightmare followed by what I can only describe as shock, after seeing the person I saw die in vivid detail, a few minutes later.

Sat Night: Stepped on Glass

Sun Morning: Shock from nightmare
              I left my room after I woke to find my Father (the person who died) sitting at the computer just like any other weekend morning. We said good morning and I went to the restroom for some privacy as I broke down sitting on the toilet lid crying my eyes out.

Mon: Severe stomach pain
             The pain hit me as I was waiting for my grandmother in the Dr.'s Office waiting room. It made it hard to drive us back home.

Tues or Wed: shook uncontrollably like a leaf teeth chattering for about 45 minutes my heart took another 15 minutes to calm down. I had gotten into bed a second before it started because I was really cold then realized my heater wasn't turned on and took 1 step away from my bed flicked the switch, turned and barely made it back to the bed because it felt like that little movement took everything out of me.
      After a little while I realized how thirsty I was and weakly made my way to the stairs with my empty glass.  Climbing onto the 1st stair left me severely exhausted. I stood on that step 1 hand on my knee the other on the banister bent over for a minute or so before I pushed myself to climb the rest of the stairs in 1 go. As I set my glass on the kitchen counter and went to stand in front of it my body kept going after my feet stopped and I fell sideways. Thankfully I had been able to make 1 of my feet move to slam it into the ground as I continued falling forcing my body higher. I slammed my side into the counter instead of my head and fell forwards against the counter in front of me hitting my stomach before ricocheting off it backwards to hit my upper-back on the knobs on the front of the stove behind me. From there I slid down to sit on the ground.  I was too weak to yell loud enough for anyone to hear me so I crawled across the house to go to the restroom. I then knocked on the connecting wall to get my brother's attention so he could help me back down the stairs.  Thankfully, there was a restroom downstairs near my room which I could crawl to when needed.

my kitchen ->     ___G_______
                                      >         |S                   G = where I set my glass down
                                                 |                      S = where I slammed my side into the counter
                          __________C|                      C =  corner where I ended up

no appetite, barely ate but always had water, although I drank a glass of orange juice Monday
severe weakness & fatigue, felt cold.

I noticed only after I was better that I barely used the restroom that week at all although I was always drinking water.            

Result:             noticeable muscle loss (I was working my Uncle at his cabinetry shop at the time & was distinctly useless in helping him move heavy things for weeks.)