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It worked for me !

May 06, 2010 - 3 comments

well , im done  . 48 weeks of  INF.  hard on the body , but harder on the mind .   i started out possitive & upbeat , but found that face hard to wear ,  around week 28 .   everything i learned about controlling my sides , to what this virus did to me , where it came from , how long its been around , came from members helping me .     my GP nurse was nice  ,  but useless .    i got up & away from the site around 3/4 through .   the , relapse threads ,  tore at my heart and most of all my nerves .  people were bickering .   freinds that i got close to , chose to go offline for what ever reason . never to return . that was frustrating .  so i ended my treatment wrapped up in my guitar playing , and wrapped up in a blanket .   praying for the last shot to come .  out of breath & out of fight .   my family didnt know the miserable person i had become .   now 3 months post , a day does not go bye , that my wife wont say ...  man im glad you are getting back to normal . . i knew i should 've gotten on some  ADs   . post tx was tough .  dropped into a deep deppression  , & ended up on celexa . go figure .           today is anastasias ninth birthday .  we have been like a father and daughter ,  that have been seperated by a million miles of ocean .  laughing and giggling every day .  me & jacqueline have got back to sleeping in the same bed again .   to anyone that is considering this treatment :  it can be done . like me ,  you must stay 100 % complient with the meds .  i always took my riba with avacado & peanut butter . eat well . 20 % veggie & fruit .  but that was my way . walk every day . drink tons of water .  and take notes when you are on line & on treatment .    thank you people . you know who you  are !    (((((((hugs)))))))                         robert

a little bump in the rollercoaster

Jul 12, 2009 - 2 comments

people were not kidding when they said this is a  "ride "  I had a good few wks around shot 13th - 16th .but numbers are up then down .I get my copys {labs} but I dont need them to tell me my legs wont run ,or I cant make it up the stairs w out resting .  outdoor activites with the family have become tougher to handle . now its alot of "no, you two go ,but bring me back a rootbeer float will ya?"        thighs have become  hard . so I hit in my stomach .     mouth is very sore ,making it hard to eat things I like . and it finnally happened ,me and anastasia ended up holding each other and bawling our brains out {yesterday} she said she want this treatment to end !!  I tried to not add an ad to the mix ,because they never worked .but now I may seek something for irritability . they didnt work before ,but this IFN is some powerful stuff .   Ive been probably overdoing it ,when I do ,decide to wax car ,or sit in sun . and I have paid dearly ! one day of work ,means two lousey days just sitting like a 90 yr old ,in the screen room .  on the plus side ,Ive lost 23 pounds . my wife says I look better !  {ya right }  Ive noticed my stomach is no longer disstended {sic} dull pain in urq is all but gone .I somehow feel the drugs working on killing virus . I weaned off suboxone ,after 4 years .this is a double edge sword ,though because now I feel more actual pain . and I am on my own !  {if you know what i mean}  and beleive it or not    ,I FEEL THIS WILL END WELL ,AND MAKE US STRONGER AS A FAMILY .

17th shot

Jun 28, 2009 - 1 comments

this one hit hard like a train . brutal headache .I think I may of jynxed myself ,by talking about low sides {last 4 weeks}    lol      if you beleive in that stuff !           {hhhuummmmmmmmm}                                             treatment is coming along well .      anger issues are under control .        leaving for cape in the morning .I really need to get away ,and am excited to be going w family & diamond ,in tow  !   I love you guys !         chio for now !       bob

16 weeks

Jun 16, 2009 - 0 comments

tonight will be my 16th shot .side effects have been light ,for 2 weeks . breath is coming back .nurse says ,that might not be a good thing. something about hyper? thyroid ? .feel much better . weight is stable . still  UND  !!  getting great support from wife & little girl . they have been ,more than golden .with my "out bursts " . but even that is much better ! I guess Im about 1/4 thru !  I am determined ,but deppressed ,at times . drinking some watered down gaterade {nasty}     enjoy out side more !   getting out from behind computer . changing to a new pcp .not happy w care .{who is ? }     you all have made my ride smoother , thank you !