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Oct 17, 2013 - 0 comments

Caved and did another test today. Took it and promptly forgot about it, so I have no idea if what I'm seeing is an evap or not. I *think* there's the faintest of faint lines, but can't be sure. Might test again tomorrow, or hold out untill Monday if I can. Boobs still tender, few low abdomen cramps. Really curious to see what this brings!

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Feeling lonely

Oct 18, 2011 - 7 comments

I try so hard not to be jealous. I hate feeling jealous, it's the nastiest thing in the world. I try so hard to be a good mom, to be a good colleague, to be a good person. I haven't always been, and I'll probably will make mistakes in the future. But I do my very best. And when I get to bed in the evening, tired from working all day, cleaning the house and taking care of a baby, there's no one to give me a kiss and tell me goodnight.

It has been nearly 11 months since my ex decided he didn't want to be with me any more. A week before my 20 weeks ultrasound. I gave birth on myown mostely; my mom was only there at the end of it. I tried so hard to be a good girlfriend, to be loveable. The only thing I want is for someone to tell my he loves me. For someone to say: "I'll get up to feed him, you stay in bed". Someone to share not only the good, but also the bad with. To love and to hold, till death do us part, and all that jazz. I just feel really alone.


Aug 24, 2011 - 1 comments

Luca was diagnosed with hypospadias a few hours after he was born. It's only a mild form (first degree), nothing too worrying, but he will need surgery when he's around 1 year old. I rather not think about it yet!

For those of you who don't know what hypospadias is:

Hypospadias is a birth defect of the urethra in the male that involves an abnormally placed urinary meatus (the opening, or male external urethral orifice). Instead of opening at the tip of the glans of the penis, a hypospadic urethra opens anywhere along a line (the urethral groove) running from the tip along the underside (ventral aspect) of the shaft to the junction of the penis and scrotum or perineum. A distal hypospadias may be suspected even in an uncircumcised boy from an abnormally formed foreskin and downward tilt of the glans.

The urethral meatus opens on the underside of the glans penis in about 50–75% of cases; these are categorized as first degree hypospadias. Second degree (when the urethra opens on the shaft), and third degree (when the urethra opens on the perineum) occur in up to 20 and 30% of cases respectively. The more severe degrees are more likely to be associated with chordee, in which the phallus is incompletely separated from the perineum or is still tethered downwards by connective tissue, or with undescended testes (cryptorchidism).

Luca has been under the weather for the past week; at first I thought it might be teeth coming through, but it seems less likely every day. His urine has started to smell a lot, which makes me think UTI. If this is the case, we might have to see a urologist sooner as planned, because there might be a narrowing in his urinary track. This would mean he needs surgery a lot sooner than I had anticipated and it worries me :( I wasn't prepared for this!

Does anyone have experience with this and if yes, is this a normal thing to happen to boys/men with hypospadias?

Fitness Evolved

Aug 17, 2011 - 0 comments

Since I have a Kinect, I decided that instead of paying a huge amount of money for a gym that I will never go to, I would just buy the Fitness Evolved game and see if that would be something for me. Seeing as the only gym we have here has no play area for kids (at least not one that's open on times I can go there) I wouldn't be able to go to the gym anyways. In any case, I received the game today and since my mom has Luca for the afternoon I decided to try it out. Wow, what a workout that is! It has a special programme for after pregnancy and it's absolutely prefect. I worked out for about 20 minutes and then shuffled myself to the shower, totally wiped out :P My stamina is horrendous, so I'm now slightly nausious but VERY enthousiastic. I can do this every day and it won't be a total waste of money! :D

Note: I think I measured a little wrong yesterday. No way I lost 2 kg in under a day! Maybe it's better if I weigh myself on the same time each time I get on the scale. I've set my goal very high (22 kg before the end of the year) but I'm going to work my butt off -literally!- to get there!

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