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BP Tracker 02/27/10

Feb 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Started taking Atenolol-Chlortho because of Cardioligist Dr Sameer Sofat. Great now down to 114/72 (61); Wow! ... 129/69 (60); 120/71 (61); 121/72 (61); Also, Karuna dragged me 1 hour walking at around 3 PM when it is was 1/2 sunny. Great feeling but old. Listening to Dr advice  no salt. Plenty of excercise.

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BP Tracker 2/11/10

Feb 11, 2010 - 0 comments

These feds meds just don't give . audio videoing wal. sending Indians to cough ha ha ... esp to tall dark guys to hwere the wifeee goes for continued reinforecement ha ha ... I got cough cough too .. specially in the Mall ... then they see that Karuna is reacting ... so send in a toyota guy to do cough cough ... anyway 190/90 (55) at around 6:30 AM. 179/69 (49) around 7:30 or so. Then 175/80 (54) after walkie walkie.  9:47 AM  149/81 (51).  Made sure the m/c didn't do double pressure. does that raise the BP amount ? no how could the lower the D remain the at around 80 or so

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BP Trackert 2/9/10

Feb 09, 2010 - 0 comments

I am wondering if this Siddiqque has been putting a palcebo in the ATenalol. Becuase I just got a new set of meds 2 days ago and the BP has been going up steadily ! every day. How can it keep going down with the 2nd set of Atenalol I gotafter I complianed about Spectrum med. TCVS gave me 100MG and then my BP went down daily to even120/80. Now, that I got a new set of meds same Atelnalol 100MG and it is steadily going back up .. today when I got up it was 190/90 (55). Somebedoy is not doing their job.  I just walk for excercise. But, I havent changed that from the prev set of ATelnealol to this set of meds.

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BP Tracker 1/27/10

Jan 27, 2010 - 0 comments

154/68 48:  137/78 (49); Took BP at Giant at around 9:00 AM ; 124/80 (54)

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