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Dear stink!

Jan 15, 2011 - 3 comments

Day 1: So Yesterday was the first day into this long journey of relactation. It's quite painful, I won't lie. I have to "toughen" my nipples up again and it actually is more painful than the first time we tried breastfeeding 5 weeks ago. My pump has left a ring around my nipple and it was on the low setting. Maybe that's why I was having issues the first go around. I have small nipples, so I bought the small flange from Medela, but it ***** so hard that once I'm done pumping (I can't stand to pump more than a few minutes) my nipples are two times bigger (or more) than they were when I started. This freakin' su.cks!

Day 2: ARE MY NIPPLES BLEEDING YET??!! I woke up at 6 this morning to feed Lexi. I'm not liking this not waking her up thing during the night, but that's another story. So after her bottle I put on my nipple shield and let her have at it. We "nursed" 10 minutes on each side and it wasn't as painful as the pump. Hopefully I can get her to latch on this way every two hours? Lol...I wanted to give up this morning when I realized how battered and painful my nipples are. BUT...after enduring a nasty cup of Mother's Milk Tea last night I just can't. I popped two Fenugreek and went to town.

Good news is that I get more colostrum each time. Last night at midnight I didn't pump, I just manually massaged and stimulated my nipples...not as painful, but afterwards they were quite tender. Let's hope this works.

UPDATE: After enduring the horrible bleeding nipples from day 3, they finally healed after soaking them in warm salt water. It felt amazing. Anyways, we're on day 13 now and my midwife gave me Domperidone and Reglan to take as well. My milk finally came in a few days ago, no more colostrum. My supply is extremely low, but I'm assuming this is normal and that I just need to gradually build my supply up. It's actually finally making it into the bottle from the pump, so it excites me! Although my supply needs to be a lot greater, I'm glad that I'm making some progress finally.

27w Appt

Sep 22, 2010 - 0 comments

Today I had my 27w check up. I'm so annoyed/confused on my dates. My first ultrasound she was measuring behind because I was bleeding and my progesterone was so low. Then once we got that all straightened out, she started measuring 5 days ahead of what they originally said (this was just between 6w and 8w. So since 8w her EDD via ultrasound was 12/17/10). So my midwife said to go by the dates of the ultrasound which would put me at almost 28w. My last appt, she changed it all around and went back to the original EDD which is 5 days later. I know it's just 5 days, but this pregnancy has been really hard on me, and the thought of going over by 5 days just makes me depressed. Fundal height was even measuring closer to 28w today, and she's still calling me 27w1d.

However, I told her I've been having bad back pain and lots of discharge. So, she said to go to the chiropractor or buy a support band, bc my belly is getting so big it's putting pressure on my lower back. Then she did the wet prep to check my discharge for infection and whatnot bc I was naturally worried about it. Well it came back fine, but she said that the reason my back hurt so bad was because I was carrying her wayyyy low. I already knew this. But, she said she got the qtip in by about an inch and a half-2 inches and she could feel the head pressing on my cervix. Then proceded to tell me I had to be at least 35w to deliver where I want to, and she repeated it like 5 times. Then told me I needed to use another hospital as a back up. WTH does that mean? That she's thinking I'm going to go into labor early?

I know she's low because I keep feeling her move in what seriously feels like my vagina and it's weird as hell. lol. Not only that, but I've been feeling like I'm being headbutted in my cervix and my back feels like it's broken. But seriously...what does it all mean? I've heard of babies not moving into position until right before delivery, or moving into position early and then turning again. I guess now I'm just worried that she's going to be preterm bc of all of the emphasis she put on her being low and head down so soon.