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methadone withdrawal

May 26, 2014 - 0 comments

I will go into a little background so you can get to know me and my situation. Ever since age 10 ive been hospitalized for kidney infections, utis, kidney stones. Which seem to get worse with age. No diet has helped I guess im just lucky. Well as of 2010 I had gotten a severe I mean severe illness went to er when I felt half past dead.and after a ton of fun tests they find my right kidney has a major block. A giant kidney stone has completely obstructed my kidney. I get a referral to a urologist who then puts me on percs and an antibiotic. It took a lil over 3 months to pass. And boy was that hell. Well ok stones gone well no more pills. Thanks doc. I soon went thru these horrible pains through my whole body puking and I felt what I figured was omg im pregnant.took a test and sure enough I was. Not even late on my period. Well ive had babies before and the new symptoms I was having with rls, feeling like I had the flu and so on. I spoke to my doctor who informed me that I was more than likely going through withdrawals and then informs me ill have a high probability of losing the baby with the side effects.i did some research called around and found a methadone clinic who swore up and down its the way to go to help me and blah blah blah. Like a fish ona hook I was all game.well here I am 3 yrs baby was perfect. I was doing great. Until I am finally putting my foot down.i want my insurance dont cover this and its getting way to pricey. I want my life back.i was at 160mg last month im now at 34 with only slight issues.ive done more research on the web. Peoples tales and such. Im terrified to go thru full blown wds of methadone. I have a full time job. 3 kids a disabled husband I care for. Ive worked so hard to be where im at today and im afraid ima lose it all if I go through wds. I never meant to get addicted to percs. I never meant to be on methadone this long. Even thinking of  dropping my dose further I start to have severe anxiety and panic attacks. I need any and all advice.will I be able to work? Should I try something for it? I really dont wanna mess with any opiates. Id prefer not to take that way yet what ive read is the wds are shorter and jot as bad.please I beg of you for so ashamed of myself.i dont even drink yet I feel as if I should be mad at my urologist but I cant blame him for trying to help me.i want to wake up one day and not have to worry bout taking my medicine. I want to feel alive.i want to live.  Thank you all for your time and help