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02-11-10 BP tracker

Feb 11, 2010 - 0 comments

This morning while waking up late in the morning and feeling groggy I picked up the automatic BP cuff and let 'er rip.  First reading was 60/35 (HR of 53).  I waited a minute and did it again, 90/40, then another minute and 103/63 (HR of 58).  All this time I was waking up more and more and feeling les groggy reflecting what I want to call accurate measurements.

  Although 60/35 seems like an error with the "automatic" cuff, I want to say it is accurate simply because I was still very groggy reflecting what I have said in the past where while waking the more groggy I feel the lower the BP.  This just happens to be the very lowest recorded.

  So,  What is my BP in the middle of the night while I'm in a deep sleep?  Wish I had an automatic BP cuff that works while i'm sleeping and records it all.  40/20? 10/5? .../...?

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12-05-09 BP tracker

Dec 05, 2009 - 0 comments

  This is taken after breakfast which means naturally that I've been active.  For the test I sat for a few minutes so I was relatively relaxed.

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12-1-09 BP tracker

Dec 01, 2009 - 0 comments

Great BP! again, still haven't come out from the covers in bed and my BP looks great :-)

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11-30-09 BP tracker

Nov 30, 2009 - 0 comments

This is more like it!  100/59 before getting out of bed.

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