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Isaiah's Birth Storey

Jan 29, 2011 - 10 comments

SO I know people normally have these wonderful birth stories...mine really didn't work out that way =( It really was horrible...other than the fact that I got my beautiful baby boy.

On Friday Jan 21st I went to work after being there for about 30 mins...I started having ome painful contractions. I really didn't know how to time them but just didn't feel like it was time.  I worked through the morning..ok more like sat at my desk lol I decided to leave and come home at lunch time. I got home and the contractions seemed to slck off a little bit but I noticed some spotting..very little. After everyone telling me all day to call L&D I finally did and they said to come in and get checked.

DH and I dropped my SS off at Grandma's and went in. They put me on a monitor and you could see I was having contractions but they weren't really painful but I could feel them. After about 20 mins on the monitor the dr came in and said that there was a spot where Isaiah's heartrate dropped during a contraction so they were keeping me and I was gonna have him. She told DH it woud be a little bit to he left to go get clothes for my SS and pick up our bags and feed the dog.

DH returned I was already in a room it was still early around 6-7pm...and they gave me oral meds to help me go into labor. They meds made my contractions stronger but after a few hours I was still only 1cm dilated. So the proceeded to give me a second dose of the oral contractio were already 2-7 mins apart at this time and they continued to get stronger but when the checked me a few hours later I was still only 1cm. So thats when they decided to give me pitocin(sp?) I really was againist having it because I had read alot of bad things about it. Well I started to get contactions that I couldn't talk through...I was just trying to breath...they gavve me something in my IV that made me pass out but I would wake up for every didn't touch the pain..and I would pass back out!!  They came in to check me again....yep you guessed it I was still only 1cm the contactions were not dilating me at all. Since I was only 1cm they wouldn't give me an epidural. I was able to tolorate the pain until around 430 am and at this point it was unbearable and they still have the pitocin going but would no longer give me anything for pain. I was crying asking for something as that sat there and talked about maybe they should have went a different route. At this time is when Isaiah's heartrate started to drop with my contractions I think he was reacting to my stress and pain. They started trying to make me move on my side which at this point the pain was out of control I was begging them to please stop moving me....It was really horrible I am not a sissy lol They decided shortly after to take me in for an emergancy c-section...they said hubby couldn't come with me!!  They threw a hair net on me and I was off they dragged me onto a table I was freezing and still having horrible contractions and they starpped me to the thing I know it was 1130am the next day. I was just coming too.Isaiah was born at 5:58am Jan 22,2011 he weighted 6lbs 2.9oz and was 19 1/2 inches. Hubby was in the room with me and showed me pictures of our beautiful little boy. They brought him in the room around 1230 and I finally got to cuddle with my little man.

C-section baby with mucus issues

Jan 24, 2011 - 12 comments

Just damn near had a heart attach Isaiah keeps choking on mucus... Just scared the crap out of me bad enough to where I started screaming for DH and ended in me in tears. The hospital says this is normal for c-section babies... But he was starting to turn blue before I got him to take in some air. I am gonna be to paranoid to leave him in the room alone... We havent been home but an hour.... But this has been going on since birth. Any thought or experiences welcome. Oh it's not in his nose either it's coming up from his tummy and looks really snotty.

24w2d appt/ level 2 ultrasound to look for downs markers

Oct 21, 2010 - 8 comments

So I went to my regular appt first yesterday. All 10 mins of it lol I gained 2 pounds in the last 5 weeks.. I pushed my appt back a week so they would be on the same day that's why 5 weeks in stead of 4. Heart rate was around 155. I found out that I can't pick a dr to deliver my baby. My ob office is a BIG office and who ever is the ob the day I go into labor will deliver him. :( not to thrilled about that. Also found out that as long as there are no issues I may have a midwife deliver me. Not sure how I feel about that either... I am super paranoid given my background.

Ok so the level 2 us went great at the other dr office the tech was extremely rough with the wand it was pretty uncomfortable but I didn't complain. My desire to know if he was going to be ok was greater than the discomfort. The tech found no markers for DS. He is still a he lol He is butt down still which she said is ok this early. He weighs 1lb 6ounces... And is perfectly healthy!!!  However it does look like he has DH's nose..poor baby lol the dr. Lowered our chances to 1% but still asked if I wanted the amnio..of course my answer was still no. I can live with 1% because anybody has those odds. Needless to say I am relieved and thankful. Feeling super blessed and excited!!

Appt 2 11 weeks +

Jul 21, 2010 - 10 comments

So of course I was a nervous wreck today..on the way to the appt realized my phone was saying no service, thought this can't be a good sign. (ATT was messed up in NC today) Got to the appt waited forever to go back. Got back there to find a woman I had never met? She took the doppler and attempted to find the heart beat, with no luck. My heart dropped to my stomach as she told me I would have to go get an US because she could not find it. So I waited about 30 mins going crazy..not being able to text to get my mind off things. Finally the lady called me back she was SUPER sweet and I seen the baby right away heart beating =) She got what she needed in like a min but she looked around and pointed everything out to me and gave me to pictures..She also said she seen no sign of blood or the bleed that had been seen at the previous us....Then she sent me back to the waiting area, but in just a few mins she called me back and said the dr did not need to see me because everything was good.God sent that lady to me because he knew I need her =) 168 bpm Thank You God for keeping me sane and my baby safe and healthy!!!