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feeling lost on here

Jun 10, 2009 - 4 comments

I found this site by accident, find it a useful site, got 3 friends already, although were miles across the water from one another, canada, USA, well it can be an experance on here and by learning with my own and other peoples experances, ...really dont no what to write at the momment as the last time I was writing these journals was when I was in recalled all that studying, cos of health issuess had to stop , as I was only 1 year to achiveing my goal and 4yrs off hard work, but hay when I m better and mentaly better, cos of taking other peoples stuff on board, have to ok in my self today found out about my thyroid has a nodule on it, what went through my mind....not again...hope much more....but Ill no monday when I see the spelist at the hospital.........I cried when my doctor phoned me up and told me , made me cry, mainly frightened I surpose,frightened of the big C,  but Ive got through the other things.....this is a form of therapy, by writting this down cos I ant gonna cry.........