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Newly Diagnosed with Hashimoto.

Jun 01, 2010 - 0 comments

I have just started reading up on Hashimoto’s Disease, I found that Hashimoto is mimicking most of the Psychological symptoms I have.

So I have asked my Psychologist to reevaluate me with the Hashimoto in mind I have always been told people that just find out about my psych issues that they would have never known there was anything wrong with me.

If you knew me as a Person you would understand better as to what I say.

I believe that I just may have had Hashimoto’s for at least the past 10 years
My Thyroid gave out in 2004 since then my life has truly been painful.

With Lose of Memory, Very Dry Skin, mood swings, now I get Migraines,
And for some reason it effects my Anxiety which works over time on it
Ruin’s every day of the week for me.

I wish I could open up about myself, but will have to come in time.

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