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Ultrasound results

Jul 06, 2009 - 0 comments

ovarian cyst


enlarged uterus


pelvic ultrasound


Ovarian Cancer

Well...I dunno

My uterus is around the size of a 10 week fetus and i have a cyst on one ovary.  I don't remember how big it was.  She said that i was probably not feeling good with that....and i did have a slight tummy ache this morning and still feeling full...i actually feel like my organs are pushing against my diaphragam.  BUT i felt pretty dang good today, better than i've felt since this started.

She said that the doctor wanted to do a surgery to look at the uterus and drain the cyst.  I said, so the cyst is full of fluid (for some reason i thought i read here on the forums somewhere that that was the good kind to have), and she said yes.  and i said so that means its not cancerous?  And she said we don't know yet.  

laproscopic surgery i think?  I have a consult later this week and then I"m assumming the surgery will be scheduled after that.

I don't know what to think!!!!  I am assuming he is thinking that its not anything bad or they would have me in there already. From what I have read on the forums, it is better to be aggressive from the start if it could be cancer.   I will try to get a copy of the pathology report before the consult so i can read it.  

I want to make the right decisions, but it is hard to know what the doctor is thinking.  I'm not freaking too much, b/c I know I can't change anything.  

My story so far...

Jul 05, 2009 - 1 comments

Ovarian Cysts


Ovarian Cancer

Well, I have always been concerned about my health, turning to the internet and overreacting to symptoms that have turned out to be nothing or a product of my probably Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I've suffered flare-ups of a few times since age 21.  Unfortunately, this time something is going on.

3 (maybe 4) weeks ago, I started having a strange headache and nausea.  The nausea was extreme in the morning and settle to a slight nausea the rest of the day.  I felt pressure all over different areas of my head, and one night one side of my scalp was too tender to sleep on.  Living in a new city - so went to a walk-in clinic.  Was given a muscle relaxer, which didn't resolve the problem.   Convinced I had a brain tumor b/c of the nausea being worse in the morning, so I finally got tired of suffering and went to the ER.   Received a brain CT which was clear.  Dumb me didn't think about the nausea being separate from the headache, so didn't insist on an abdominal CT.  Medicine given by the ER doc resolved the headache.  

Nausea definitely calmed down, but I was left with a feeling of fullness and still feeling unwell.  Overall abdominal discomfort, occassional gas.  Barely eating anything. Felt full all the time.  Sick.  Sometimes I feel like I don't want food, smells bad.  Saw an internist the next day who dismissed my fears of ovarian cancer and sent me for an abdominal ultrasound.  Unfortunately, this ultrasound only was from the bellybutton up.  Was clear except for a gallstone.  Without seeing me again, she referred me to a general surgeon who wanted to take the gallstone out.  I really wasn't convinced b/c I didn't think I was having traditional gallbladder attacks.  Normal cbc, live function, h. pylori.

Next stop: gyno. Really nice guy.  He found an enlarged uterus.  I was a little surprised because I've always had normal exams.  Doctor sent me for a transvaginal ultrasound.  I could tell the tech saw something - she took pictures of one side more than the other and pushed down on my belly during the transvaginal ultrasound on that same side.  This was Thursday afternoon - Friday was a holiday so I won't know anything til tomorrow.  

I relaxed a lot this weekend and didn't worry too much, thanks to the support of a forum member, my best friend, and my parents.  Of course, I started being constipated this weekend!  Just annoyed because I felt like I could be further along in knowing what is going on if I had made a different decision here or there at some point in this process.   *Sigh*

Dreading tomorrow and the expected phone call.  Worried they will forget to call me!  Have my mom on standby to my new city if I am going to have surgery.   Will update tomorrow when I (hopefully) find out the results.