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On the outside looking in.

Aug 04, 2014 - 0 comments


*BIG SMILE* 25 days clean....I awoke around 6:00am this morning opening my eyes hoping today is a day that I can find joy or happiness in something...anything besides drugs....I look out of my window from my bed and ask  godto forgive me.....never new depression before, and now it is my shadow...I roll out oof bed and out to my throne of shame smoking cig after cig....I realised I am impatient. I am an am I to judge myownself when I can change..fear of change how it brings me to my knees..ive lost my warm feeling I got from drugs and it is gone now leaving me naked and afraid to face life...but that will not stop me, I just have to keep pushing until I find a new warmth.....josh.....25th day clean.....