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Jul 02, 2009 - 0 comments

last night i wound up taking 1 tramadol so the days total was 2 1/2 pills.  I decided today not to take any.  by 10 am I was having chest, neck, and low back. pain. so i took 2 OTC motrin and 25mg of benedryl for the anxiety and runny nose. It did work.  I groomed my standard poodle. swept the floors, and cleand the downstairs bathroom.  It getting close to 2pm and i,m actually feeling pretty good right now except for the knot in my stomache.  I hope this is't premature and Ican last the rest of the day without the tram.  I did't go to the gym today because I have to run some errands. and get some more housework done.

seven months of detoxing today.

Jul 01, 2009 - 0 comments

I started detoxing one med at a time in dec 08 (lyrica, fentanyl, hydro, soma, tramado)  The two meds that the worst detoxing was the lyrica and the tramadol to my suprise, since these are not classified as narcotics. Today marks seven mos. detoxing. for the last three days i took 50mg tramadol 3x day.  This morning I took 1/2 tab and forced myself to get to the gym. i did my physical therapy for my neck followed by 1 hr of cardio. It took everything I had.  at 2pm the anxiety, muscle spasms, runny nose started again. I took the other 1/2 of the tramadol with a benadryl.  It is now 4:20 my back is in spasm but I am trying to take my mind off it because I definitly dont want to go to the pill bottle.  I just can't wait till  this is all over. It has been a long road I know I am almost there but I am tired of it.  I pray every day  and i believe that is what is keeping me going.