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A lot

Jul 26, 2009 - 0 comments








i havent been on for forever. well heres what happened. my sister was dating a guy. hes a junior councilor at our day camp (age 16) and you cant do anything with him because hed get fired.

so yah. i am still dating my girlfriend but i took the boy (jeremy) from my twin. d (the girl) is awesome but im not as attracted to her as i wish i was.

now jeremy. **** hes so messed up.he was abused hes obsessive jealous and rage filled. i also think that a lot of the stuff he says is **** to make him seem more interesting. ex.

jeremy:i dont do drugs
me: i do some times cause i get so angry that i need to or im gonna hurt somebody.
jeremy:dont over do it. one of my best friends over dosed and ill never forget it.

SEE!!! one uping! i mean, i love being controlled but his story is just getting bigger and more complex. i think he just wants people to love him and thinks that if his story is epic, ill love him. uggghhhhh. i dont need any of this baggage but i like that he has a job. i like that he is controlling territorial and loving but i feel like hes so weak. i cant stand weakness. it kinda digusts me.

so, hes coming to my place tomorrow and my dad works forever so he wont be there. so i was talking to his friend and he said that jeremy said that he was going to nail me. aand im like "was i asked?"

grrrrrrr, i dont need this.

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nothing hapened

Jul 18, 2009 - 0 comments





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i spent my day on the internet. i don't wanna sleep because i fell excited. i don't know what for. i feel so pent up. i just wanna go out and get in a fight or make out.

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oh no

Jul 17, 2009 - 0 comments


i dont have enough money to buy food. so i stole candy from wal-mart. its all i could do. i dont feel regret but i feel like some one saw me. so i feel nervous.

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