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Full Acronym List for Pregnancy

Feb 19, 2018 - 0 comments


2WW: Two-week wait (until you can take a pregnancy test)
AF: Aunt Flo(w), your period (menses)
BBT: Basal body temperature
BD: Baby dance, sex
BFN: Big fat negative (test result)
BFP: Big fat positive (test result)
BMS: Baby-making sex
CB: Cycle buddy (someone who shares the same menstrual cycle/ovulation dates)
CD: Cycle day
CF: Cervical fluid
CL: Corpus luteum
CM: Cervical mucus
CP: Cervical position
CY: Cycle
DI: Donor insemination
DP: Dancing partner; spouse or significant other
DPO: Days past ovulation
DTD: Doing the dance, sex
EW: Eggwhite (re: consistency of cervical mucus)
FTTA: Fertile thoughts to all
FMU: First morning urine
hCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone)
HPT: Home pregnancy test
IF: Infertility
IUI: Intrauterine Insemination
IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
LH: Luteinizing hormone
LMP: Last menstrual period
LP: Luteal phase
O: Ovulation
OPK: Ovulation predictor kit
PCOS (POS): Polycystic ovarian syndrome
PG: Pregnancy, pregnant
S/A: Sperm/semen analysis
TCOYF: Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book)
TTC: Trying to conceive


Oct 17, 2012 - 49 comments

This is an easy one---  tasty and not too salty

Chicken with Veggies n Gravy

4 medium carrots, chopped
4 ribs celery, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
(did these more in slices really)
2 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/4 t pepper
1 can (10 3/4 oz) cream of chicken soup, undiluted
2/3 cup water
1/3 cup white wine or chicken broth (I used the wine, actually I justed used sherry I keep for cooking)

1. Place carrots, celery, and onion in crockpot.  top with chicken.  sprinkle with pepper.
2. in a small bowl, combine the soup, water, wine or chicken broth, and pour over chicken.  Cover and cook on low for 4 to 5 hours.  Mean and vegis should be nice and tender.

I then stirred it so some of the chicken shredded and some was in pieces and served it over egg noodles with biscuits.  

What do you do?

Sep 20, 2012 - 37 comments

So, times are tough and people are in bad situations financially.  This is well known and not new news.  The places that I find myself at regularly, Krogers, my usual grocery store and Target, my usual blow all my money store tend to be frequent stops of mine.  I'm one of a gazillion moms in my area . . .  driving the old mini van around.  I park in the back of parking lots a lot as this baby (my van) is wide and it's usally less congested back there.  About 3 months ago, at the grocery store, I came out and was loading groceries into my van when a woman holding a young child approached me.  "Excuse me maam, my car battery died and I need a couple of dollars to get home."   Hm.  I look around and see no car around her and the smell of BS is heavy in the air . . . but I go with her story and give her some money, asks if she is alright and needs help, ask if she needs to call anyone. No no and no and she walks away.  I leave not really paying attention.  Two days later, I'm back at the grocery store.  I get out of my car and guess who is busy working on another 'customer'.  I live in the burbs and out here . . .  if you have kids, you know a lot of other parents from school, the soccer fields, church, etc.  So, I actually knew who she was talking to.  I just waved as I went by and went into the store.  I could hear as I went by . . .  car battery, few dollars . . .  The girl was working the parking lot again.  

So today, I am about 5 minutes away from there and parked at the end of the parking lot when here comes a girl who looks a LOT like the one who approached me at the grocery store.  She has a different child with her.  The story was a bit different---  just moved to town, trying to open a checking account.  She has 25 dollars to put into the checking account but needs 25 to open it, can I help her.  What was different is that she was not a very good lyer and she was shaking and wasn't doing a very convincing job.  I load my things into my car as I listen to her story silently.  As I shut the back hatch to the van, I hear her say "oh no.  Someone told on me.  Here they come" and sure enough, a security guard and strore manager approached us and told her that she needed to leave the property immediatly.  She wheeled her stroller out of there with tears in her eyes.  

I put my cart in the return bin and then walked to the next parking lot where she was and gave her some money.  Not because I think she needs it to open a checking account.  But because something is clearly wrong.  Yeah, she could be a scam artist.  Okay, she IS a scam artist.  But I remember something from the bible that goes something like this----  if someone asks you for money, you don't need to know why they are asking-----  if you have it, give it."  Okay, that is not a quote and don't ask me what verse it is from.  That was my 'take home' message.  

It bothers me that this woman has these children with her and I'll tell you when the toddler girl tried to get out of the stroller today, she slammed her back a bit rough and used a nasty voice which made the little girl wail.  It was terrible.  

So, what do you do?  Trust that even if someone is taking advantage of you that you are doing the right thing to realize you can afford to be generous to others?  Or do you understand that there are crooked people in the world that lie and scam peopl?.  Honestly, if someone just told me that they were hungry and had no money, I'd help them.  I hate the car battery, new to town/checking account stories.)  

Anyway, this was on my mind because I do always wonders what happens after I pull out of the parking lot.  With this girl -----  I probably will see her around though as that makes THREE times.  

The baseball player

Apr 24, 2012 - 9 comments

My son means everything to me.  Well, both of my boys do.  Precious and dear do not capture an ounce of the feelings I have for them.  It's the kind of love that makes my heart feel like it is bursting one minute and busting the next.  When my boys were little, I felt great love and pride for them with not as much of the heartache that other moms of older kids spoke of.  I get it now.  

I got a good dose of heartache as my son's developmental delay was becoming more challenging and a diagnosis was made.   I think about how anxious I was while we were going through the evaluation process.  I was scared, angry and at times, heart broken.  

I was still under the illution then that life had to be perfect.  I had to be the super uber mom and my kids must be fabulous and wonderful at all times.  While one could take one look at us during the early years . . .  my messy hair and tired eyes and my kids in mismatched outfits with a few food stains on them . . . and know instantly that we were a long way from perfection.  But we all had smiles on our faces.  We were innocently blissful not knowing that life would get harder.  

I never knew that I cared about my kids being good at things.  When my son struggled and I heard about what my friend's kids were doing . . .  I felt a bit of a sting.  When I see a friend of my son's doing something right away that my son has worked on for a long time, it's another shot to the heart.  I never realized that I was competative.  Oh, this is a horrible revelation for me-----  I don't want to be competative!!  I hate that.  I don't want to compare my child to someone else's and hope that my child does better!  But years of seeing my son lag behind and watching him TRY so hard makes my mind scream "COME ON!  IT'S HIS TURN!!"  

Tonight was the first game of my dear son's baseball season.  My husband is out of town so it was just me at the game.  He's moved up a level and is one of the younger players on his team.  His first inning in the outfield, I was on pins and needles . . . he was having some pretend fight in which he was top Jedi, twirling around with his pretend light saber or he was picking up dirt and throwing it in the air or looking at something off in space in the other direction of the batter.  Painful to be the mother when this is going on.  You can only yell "get ready" and be ignored maybe two times without drawing even more attention to him.  So I sit silently screaming inside.  I don't want him to be humiliated when he is having his fake battle with various clone troopers when a ball goes right past him or worse he gets hit in the head because he's not watching.  Then he was up at bat.  This is a higher level, three strikes and you are out.  It is half kid pitch and half coach pitch.  Kid was pitching on him . . .  He swung at something he shouldn't have by jumping out a bit to get it and the coach on the other team laughed at him.  This is a pompous man that we know from another sport.  This man believes his son will be a professional athlete someday and is very condensending to others that are just trying to give their child a good experience.  When he laughed . . .  well------------  he's pretty lucky I didn't take that bat from my boy and whack him upside the head with it.  Again, painful.

Then when he was in the outfield for the next inning . . . he got to play first base.  AND----  my boy caught two balls and got two of the three outs for his team!  

And here is the big stuff . . .. Huge.  My boy pitched when it was time for kid pitch!  This is absolutely huge as he pitched on opening day.  Only one other boy pitched during the game.  Why?  Because not everyone can do it.  There is a bit of skill involved, I guess, in being able to pitch well.  He struck someone out!!  Okay, he walked a few too.  But he pitched!  The pressure!!  And when he is going through the whole pitcher stance and getting ready to throw, the other team is shouting and taunting.  He kept his head together and did the best he could.  And ----  and I must admit this feels good----  when it comes to pitching, he does better than almost everyone but one or two other kids on his team.  

Mind you, my son keeps his hands in a curled position much of the time.  You have to understand that my son doesn't like to open his hands or use them much.  

My son then got a nice hit and made it to second base when someone else got the third out and the game was over.  But, he got a hit.  And hits were scarce during this game.  

My boy did just fine.  Even though he is the master Jedi in the outfield and just called me to his bedroom because his eyes hurt (from too much dirt thrown in them by HIMSELF at the game).  He did just fine.  And Mr. Pompous Man can kiss my behind.  When he cheers his boy on for being fabulous----  I'm cheering because my son is on a team doing something he enjoys.  And when he does just fine and chosen to pitch . . .  it felt like it was HIS TURN!  

PS:  His baby brother got a goal tonight at soccer which was before the baseball game.  It was a GOOD night.