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Numbers and a New Start

Nov 27, 2007 - 0 comments

Well, I wanted to document my hcg for future reference.  day before expected af = 49, 3 days later = 239, 3 days later = 300, 3 days later = 384, day of methotrexate shot = 1332, day 4 of shot = 1927, day 7 of shot = 1371, one week later = 105, 1 week later = 9.  Still waiting to see if the dr will want one more test.  Also, waiting to see if I will get the FSH once my cycle returns or will my dr just send me on to an RE.  This has been my third failed pregnancy.  I am counting my blessings w/ the gifts of love and miracles in my two children.  I do pray for another healthy child w/ all my heart.  I will keep my faith and take care of the ones I love, including taking care of me.  I have great hopes of a child within the year.  God bless all of us.  :)

Ready Just to be Normal

Nov 19, 2007 - 0 comments

i am really ready to be normal again and just get a normal period.  Hope it is soon.  

6wks 2days

Nov 12, 2007 - 1 comments

I guess I shouldnt count this as a pregnancy day considering that I just had the methotrexate shot on friday.  but i have not started bleeding yet.  i will get my hcg numbers back tomorrow and hopefully there was a significant drop so that i wont need another shot.  i have been pretty bummed lately.  :(

5 wks 4 days

Nov 07, 2007 - 2 comments

Got the bad news yesterday on numbers, 384.  spent 4 hrs in radiology.  the tech was ridiculously slow and i was a stat!!!  she had that thing in me for an hour!!!!!  I wanted to punch her.  she was mad b/c i requested the dr to come in after the procedure and she said he never does that.  I said i work here and have for ten years.  she then became an even wickeder witch.  so much for getting special attention.  anyway, i will not be having a baby this time around.  it is a suspected ectopic but they will do an ultrasound again on thursday and a scheduled d/c on friday.  follow up w/ blood work and then possible drugs to treat the ectopic.  now finally after my third failed pregnancy they will send me to an RE.