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Nov 05, 2011 - 0 comments

Dreamed I was in this trailer in Kabul and it started moving.  I looked out and was at a state fair or something and I was in someone's camper.  I apologized profusely and said the State Dept. put me here.  Someone must have made a mistake.

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High Water

Aug 15, 2011 - 0 comments

Was in a city and booked in a hotel called the Woodward.  High end place.  Left to go downstairs to the pool.  It was underground in a mall.  Luxurious.  Swam for a while watching CNN on a large flat screen on the wall.  Got out.  Could not for the life of me remember where the hotel was.  Wandering around the mall.  remembered it was the woodward, but couldn't remember how to get back.  Didn't even have my key.  Wandered into another upscale hotel lobby.  Met my dad at reception.  He had booked me there but I told him I was already at the Woodward.  We went back into the mall, to find the hotel.  Met **** Zimmer and his two sons, Carl and Ben.  exchanged pleasantries.  

I was in a rented car driving a girl to a place she needed to go.  It was out of my way.  The journey had several stages.  best i could describe it, it stage became poorer and less refined.  Both in looks, and in personalities.  I dropped her off in a rural parking lot.  That was a far as I went.  Turned back around.  went back through several gates/stages.  One stage was a group house (ski lodge?) Kyle was there.  I was talkign about havign him come play a game of ice hockey with me. He didn't want to out of fear of getting hurt.  I told him that was not what he should be afraid of.  I feared skating badly.

Went up another stage.  Was in a home, sitting in a rocking chair.  Bob Dylan's "High Water" was playing.  Two men came in they were important.  I told them we were closing up.  I followed them in to the PRT Governance trailer.  They started talking about some Anbar issues.  I told them that I was the Governance Section head and to let me know if they had any questions.  More as a tactic to assert my prerogatives than anything else.

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The matrix

Aug 11, 2011 - 0 comments

Dreamed I and some of my friends were time kidnapped by beings from the future.  But they masked the present reality with the reality from our pasts.  As they were driving us from one pen to the next however, the illusion failed.  I caught a glimpse of their future world, and it was awesome.  We were being transported in a flying car! (The archetypical futuristic metaphor) When were were in our next cell, which seemed like a resort I was trying to explain what was happenign to my compatriots.  We don;t want to live in an illusion!  So they either return us to our own time, or let us out into their awesome world of the future!

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3rd day of excellent sleep

Jul 26, 2011 - 0 comments

3rd day of over 8 hrs with zero waking minutes.  I always sleep better down in at the PGC.

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