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WD Symptom Relief

Oct 01, 2014 - 1 comments









symptom relief











Withdrawal Symptom Relief: (Updated 10/5/14)

This is not a recipe...this is a guide using suggestions from members who have been through the process.  Some things will work for one person but not for another.  Please listen to what is said to you in your posts.  If someone has used the same DOC (drug of choice) as you follow their lead.

****PLEASE NOTE:  Before using any of the vitamins, medications or supplements mentioned in this list please consult with your doctor.  We are not doctors and do not know what medications you are taking, it is important that you make sure that there will not be any adverse effects to using even something that seems as benign as a multi-vitamin****

First, use the Search MedHelp and search for the Thomas Recipe.

Restless Leg Syndrome:  Hylands Restless Leg Tablets (make sure it is the kind with Quinine in it)
     Tonic Water (Schweppes is a good one) that also has quinine in it, sip on it until bedtime.  Add something to it if you don't like the taste.  I used sugar-free Crystal Light Tangerine flavor in mine.

      Orthopedic socks, the tight ones for the lower legs--Please Note:  Anyone with diabetes, neuropathy,          peripheral vascular disease, a leg ulcer or infected area on the leg should check with their doctor before using these compression stockings!

       Ace bandages for the upper legs and arms, wrap tightly or use towels wrapped tightly
      Before wrapping everything up rub some Ben Gay or Tiger Balm into the skin (some say that these leave
         stains on sheets (didn't for me) but if so a member mentioned Salon Pas as a solution for that)
       Heating Pads

Achy Legs:  So your legs aren't going a mile a minute but they are still achy and a little bit restless...use the ace bandages on them, have your dog lie on your legs or even your kitty cat stretching out...just something a bit heavy.

Big bag of Epsom Salts:  A good 15 to 20 minute soak in a really hot bath with salts in it will relieve a lot of your symptoms like anxiety for a while in addition to helping get toxins out of your skin.  Take as many per day as needed, definitely take one before you wrap up for RLS for the night.  The salts also contain magnesium which our muscles crave...the baths help soak that up which relieves the RLS.

Water, Lifewater with Electrolytes, Gatorade, anything to make sure you don't get dehydrated because that will make your symptoms worse.  If you have a juicer fresh juice would be terrific as long as your tummy can handle it.  Pedialyte can be made into popsicles...maybe not quite the same as the name brand but healthy and will feel good on your throat while giving you those great electrolytes!  Because detoxing means you will be sweating out a lot of the toxins this means you will be sweating out all of your drink a ton of least double to triple what you normally do.  Aloe Vera water was advised by Lu today ... she is getting some of that at the hospital while she waits for her surgery...she says it tastes wonderful and they said it was really good for her.  Per her suggestion I'm adding it to the list here.  Thank you LuLu...for thinking of everyone here while going through so much medical trauma.  That's why we all love you!!!

Protein shakes, bananas, toast, rice, applesauce, pudding snacks...whatever your tummy can handle.  We never want to eat but the same thing goes here...if you don't eat a little bit your symptoms will be worse.

One of our members who detoxed off of Methadone suggests Modern BCAA (amino acids).  She said to try getting it at a discount health store first as will be 50% less than at GNC.  Amazing for energy, aids with appetite and nausea.  Use 2 scoops in room temperature water (if it is cold it will foam).  Mix and store in the fridge.  Has a hint of watermelon flavor to it.

Sleep and Anxiety:  Chamomile Tea, Melatonin, Sundown Super Melatonin (has Valerian, Passion Flower and other items good for sleep and anxiety).  You can go the Valium route IF your doctor prescribes and you would only want to use it for maybe 7 days because you don't want to wind up addicted to benzo's.

Vitamins:  Cal-Mag-Zinc 3in1, Good Multi-Vitamin, Super B Complex, Amino Acids, B-12 injection or sublingual (this is for after the insomnia part of WD is over) for energy.  Try to get these items at will save at least 50% over a drugstore like Walgreens.

Bathroom Issues: don't want to stop things up completely because this is part of your system voiding the toxins so please follow instructions on the package.

Tummy Issues:  Zantac or any OTC tummy product.  You can also talk to your doctor about Zofran if it is really bad.

Dark Chocolate:  Chocolate affects the pleasure center which opiates also does.  Dark chocolate is best because it helps with cravings AND it is considered to be healthier.

Clonidine if your doctor will prescribe it.  It is a high blood pressure medication so you need to talk to your doctor first.  It is also used for opiate, nicotine and alcohol withdrawals.  It does help reduce the symptoms quite a bit.  One of the main benefits is it helps with cravings.  It is only used for 7 to 10 days otherwise you would have to taper off of it (like most medications of this sort).

A local couple who provide fresh raw honey swear by bee pollen sprinkled on cereal, salads, vegies...pretty much whatever you want to put it on will help.  One of our members commented that she just ingested it by a teaspoonful...I checked with the couple and they said 3 times daily.  Our member said it helped a lot!

Sunshine and Exercise:  Even though you won't feel like it getting outside for a short walk, soaking up some sunshine, feeling the breeze on your face.  Light exercise will be very beneficial.  Several members have said that Yoga is wonderful during and after de-tox.  If you haven't done Yoga before you can either take a class, get a beginner's dvd for yoga and LuLu recommends Yoga Nidra which is available online.

Pain Relief:  Motrin or other anti-inflammatory.  There is a terrific product at Walgreen's called Stop Pain...comes in a spray and a roll-on.  ThermaCare Heat Wraps....wonderful pain relief that allows you to be mobile whereas a normal heating pad keeps you stationary.  Ask your doctor for Lidoderm Patches (Lidocaine main ingredient and/or Voltaren Gel (anti-inflammatory).  Both of them are opiate free and non-addictive and help a great deal.  Hot Yoga, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and stretching exercises.

AFTERCARE is the most important part of your whole process...detox and then aftercare.  No one in the forum who has been on the sobriety path for any amount of time is going to tell you anything different.  Those who are successful in their recovery are heavily involved in aftercare.  All have their own opinions on which aftercare program is best...try as many as you care to until you find a perfect fit.  You can also do like I do and incorporate 2 or 3 programs (in my case I work with my pastor, an addiction counselor AND I go our bi-monthly NA meetings (really small town here)  If you have questions talk to Mark (Gnarly) or one of the other long-timers to help you out in figuring out what you should do.

Immediate Aftercare:  Yes, we are still detoxing BUT you do have the option of doing a Google search for substance abuse support online meetings.  There are quite a few available and it is something that will also help with your Detox.  Meeting with others, learning, having a group that will support you, keep whatever you say confidential, etc....and lots and lots of information to help you once you are ready to go out and about again.

SMART Recovery
Church (some churches have groups, in my case my Pastor has worked with addicts so is happy to give his time to me twice weekly)
NA/AA (I've been told that AA has stronger recovery...perhaps because the groups are larger with more meetings..but they don't really care what you are recovering from...if you are an addict you are welcome!
Addiction Counselors
Celebrate Recovery Meetings

These are only a few things you can check into for aftercare.  Listen to those who post with you and have been will get more suggestions as time goes on.