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Ashlynn's Birth Story

Aug 04, 2010 - 3 comments

On Thursday July 29th I went in for a checkup at my midwives, I had just been in on Monday, but was having a TON of swelling, and my bp was a little high.  Wednesday night I had been having lots of contractions, but as usual once I fell asleep they pretty much went away.  When I got checked at the apt on Thursday I was still in the same position, but I also had a small amount of protein in my urine.  The midwife was on the fence about inducing or not.  At this point I was  3 cm and about 80% effaced.  After speaking with another midwife who had seen me at my apt on Monday they decided I could either get induced, or I would have to come in for a check up every other day, but they preferred if I got induced.  I was only a few days away from my due date and beyond miserable so I chose the induction.  I went right from my appointment over to the hospital to get things started.  I called my husband at work to let him know what was going on.  He raced home and got our bags (I never even thought I should bring those with me when I left for the doctors)

Once at the hospital I did all my registration, picked out our room, ate lunch, and settled in.  By the time they started the pictocin it was 1 pm.  Things moved along very slowly for the first several hours.  The contractions were very random, and just felt like period cramps.  Every 3 hours or so they would check my progress, and I felt like I was barely making any progress at all.  By 9pm they had really turned the pitocin up and I could feel the contractions a lot more.  At that point I decided I would labor in the tub for awhile.  I think I did that for about an hour and then decided it was time for some medication.  I was about 6 cm when I started the Nubain, and that helped some, but also made me vomit.  So I only did one dose of that.  My husband was so great through this whole process, even holding a puke bucket for me.  Around midnight I decided it was epidural time, I knew if I didn't get the epidural I would not have enough energy to push since it was taking so long to dilate.  It took 2 hours for the anesthesiologist to get to the hospital to do the epidural.  By the time he got there it was 2 am and I was having contractions lasting about a minuted with less than a minute in between.  Boy was I happy to see him!  He did a great job with the epidural and I was still able to move my legs, but they were numb.  I could still feel the contractions, but was able to get some rest.  I slept on and off till about 4:45, when I woke up I felt like it was almost time to push.  the nurse checked and I was 9cm.  They had me go on my hands and knees to get the last cm, and at about 5:25 it was pushing time.  the first few contractions I got used to pushing, and then a few more and she was born.  My midwife was awesome and I didn't have to get cut, and didn't tear at all.

Ashlynn was born at 6:06am weighing 8 lbs 6 oz., she was 20 inches long, and her head was 13.5 cm in diameter.   All in all I think it was a very easy birth for a first time mother.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat!  I can't believe how in love I am already!

31 Week Apt

May 31, 2010 - 0 comments

I had my 31 week appointment on Friday.  Everything went really well.  At this point I have meet 3 of the 5 midwives that could possibly deliver Ashlynn.  So far I feel very comfortable with the 3 I have meet.  This apt was very quick.  My belly measurement was right on target for 31 weeks.  The midwife was not concearned with my swelling becasue my BP hasn't changed at all during my pregnancy.  I can't believe I have less than 9 weeks left!  

I have started decorating Ashlynn's Nursery to help me pass the time.  I have the white letters hung on the wall, and the wall hangings that match her bed set hung.  I also got her mobile put together and attached to the crib.  Now I am sorting through the 7 trash bags of hand me down clothes that I got.  I'm making piles by sizes and talking out the things I don't love to pass on to someone else.  I have way more clothes than she will ever wear in the first few months so I figured I should pass some along to some other poeple who will be able to use some of it.

Ashlynn:  Mommy & Daddy can hardly wait to meet you (but please don't come for a few weeks until your done growing)  We are trying to get all of our projects done so everything will be perfect for your arrival.  We love you so much!

Birth Class

May 24, 2010 - 3 comments

This weekend me and Garrett attended our birth class.  We did a one day class that was from 9-3.  It was a long day, but I feel more prepared for Ashlynn's delivery.  I was hoping the class wouldn't be too boring, but luckily we had a fun teacher and some fun couples in the class.  We learned all about the different birthing options at the hospital that we will be delivering at.  We also got a tour of the birthing uni, and the new special care nursery.  The special care nursery just opened in April and it VERY cool.  This nursery can take care of babies who are born after 30 weeks, but need some extra time before discharge.  All of the baby monitors are wireless so the baby can stay in your room the whole time.  The other really cool thing is the nursery room is designed like an appartment and the hospital encourages the family to move into the hospital until the baby is ready to go home.  There is even a kitchen and a washer and dryer in the room (hopefully we won't need this, but nice to know it's there if we need it).  Overall I was very impressed with the whole class.  

My new birth plan is to go with the flow.  I have made no decision about pain meds,  If i need them I will take them, if I don't need them then I won't.  We have decided that it will be just me and Garrett in the room- no spectators...  They will all get to meet Ashlynn soon enough.

Now the waiting begins...10 weeks and counting.

To Ashlynn:  Mommy & Daddy are getting more excited to meet you everyday!  We have been having lots of fun getting your new room together.  We love you so much already!!! xoxo

28 week appointment

May 11, 2010 - 3 comments

Yesterday I went in for my 28 week appointment.  Yahoo for making it to the third and final trimester of pregnancy.  Everything went really well.  I talked to the midwife about the swekking I've been having and she was not concerned with it.  She said it's only and issue when it is accompanied by an elevated BP.  My BP has stayed pretty steady the whole time I've been pregnant so I don't think it will be an issue.  The past few weeks Ashlynn has been VERY active.  I love feeling her kicking me all over.  I think that will be the one thing about being pregnant that I will miss the most.  I am getting so anxious so meet little Ashlynn, only 12 more weeks.  I am getting excited for my baby shower.  That is on June 5th, So I'm almost there.  And my mother and mother-in-law are painting the nursery this weekend so I can start decorating everything.  I think it's going to look so cute.  I got white wooden letters that spell out Ashlynn's name for the wall, and the wall hangings that match her bed set.  I'm also hoping to hang one of the pregnancy pictures in the nursery along with an ultrasound picture.

To Ashlynn:  Mommy & Daddy are counting down the weeks until we get to hold you in our arms.  We are so thankful that you will be a part of our family.  We love you!